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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Why did Pope Benedict change his coat of arms in 2010? A mystery

This is quite an interesting mystery. In 2010 Pope Benedict changed his coat of arms, which is unprecedented. No Pope has ever changed his coat of arms during his papacy. This change happened a few years before his resignation.

One significant detail bothers me - why is the cord linking the keys no longer there. This is highly symbolic of the power to forgive sins. I would be very interested in any insight into this.

full article on the link

Has Pope Benedict changed his coat of arms? | National Catholic Reporter


  1. I suspect it is to do with the fact that he is no longer a reigning pope. Reigning popes have crossed keys; now that we have this new phenomenon of a pope emeritus, he could not have the crossed keys of a reigning pope; so they have been uncrossed to show that he is not a reigning pope.

    That's the logic I perceive. I may be wrong but ...


    1. But this was before he resigned. I can understand if it was done after the resignation


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