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Thursday, 25 October 2012

The joy of porridge - AND IT LOWERS CHLORESTOROL!

I was never a porridge fan and not sure I ever tried it - even as a child.
So on our easy jet flight to La Manga in Spain I decided to try it - yes it was on the in-flight menu. It was delicious. I am converted to this humble oat and in our cold English climate, heartily recommend it. Just put half a mug of oats in a non-stick pan and add a mug and a half of water or skimmed milk (with milk you get important calcium), then stir over hear for a couple of minutes. Put in a bowl and stand it for a minute, then add a swirl of honey, maple syrup or brown sugar. Amazing!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Day we venerated the relic of St Cuthbert Mayne

The relic of St Cuthbert Mayne

I always go to Cornwall when the school breaks up for the summer holidays -  we visit my mother who lives in Truro. This Summer (2012) my youngest son and I flew down to Newquay. Very close to the airport is the pretty village of St. Mawgan - where Lanherne convent is located. The Carmelite nuns used to live here, but now a few Franciscan friars live here. This order says the Old Rite exclusively (Latin Mass) every day of the week. The chapel is exquisite.

My mother came to collect us and as usual we went to visit Lanherne convent  - I love the little shop attached - full of holy medals and orthodox Catholic literature - not to mention the gorgeous homemade jams made by the sisters - yes the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate live here too.

On this particular day in mid July we went into the chapel to say a few prayers and we just happened to enter when something rather special was happening. All 6 candles on the altar were lit. There were a few people kneeling. The friar had gone to get something - it was the relic of St Cuthbert Mayne - housed in a glass case. He stood on the altar and invited people to go up and venerate this holy relic.

My little son was silent and transfixed by what was going on - he queued up and kissed the glass case holding the - what must be the wounded skull of this holy martyr. This holy man was an Anglican vicar, who became a Catholic priest and died a martyr's death in 1577. The little prayer card says he is "the Protomartyr of Seminary Priests".

We left the chapel and there were some free range chickens running around. Unfortunately we left the gate open so some of them escaped. We got them back in eventually.

Then off to visit granny's grave - she was allowed to be buried in the cemetery - as she was a Third Order Carmelite.

The day was rather special and we felt priviledged to be there to venerate this holy relic.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Rupert Everett - best looking queen of them all!

I have always liked Rupert Everett's acting. He is still dazzlingly good-looking.
So I feel very perturbed that he is now getting horrid hate mail from "All the queens out there" (he said this) purely because he stated that he does not think a gay couple should adopt children. He says can you possibly imagine going to speech day with 2 dads there! And he further goes on -"and when you are trying to sleep and dads are having queenie rows! His choice of phrase is piquant! He is close to his mother - he understands how important a mother is. His mama still prays that he will be swept off his feet by a woman and marry her. Who knows what is round the corner!
Good on you dear boy!

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