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Wednesday, 4 November 2020

To all the Catholic clergy in the world - November 2020

 The Covid-19, or Corona Virus situation has led to public masses being banned in various parts of the world, including here in the UK - as from 5th November, for 28 days or 1 month.

During the English Reformation, the Catholic mass was also banned, and the people were forced to attend the new Protestant services, under pain of heavy fines for non compliance. The true mass went underground and many priest hidey holes were made, to protect the priests from the authorities.

So it looks as though the Catholic masses will have to go back to the catacombs, and be held in secret, at secret locations and indeed, there may have to be safe priest holes for brave priests.

Now - as you probably know, I am a follower of the late Archbishop Lefebvre, who started the SSPX, as he believed the changes to the holy mass in 1969 were illegal. He had sound theological training to stick to his case. He  felt the new rites were (and still are ) at best, doubtful, including the new rites of ordination. If he is proved right, then there are many priests and bishops etc, who may not even be validly ordained, so their sacraments could be nil and void. This is a bad situation.

If you are a priest or bishop in the Novos Ordo, and you are worried about the validity of your ordinations, you should seek a valid ordination from a validly ordained bishop. The ones I know of who are validly ordained - ie - in the old rite, by a validly ordained bishop, are in the SSPX or some Sedevacantist groups, who were also ordained validly in the old rite. Their ordination lineage can be traced back to valid bishops. To all clergy in the Novos Ordo, please flee from this dubious church. Pray about it. 

So that is the situation we face. It’s grim but we all have recourse to the rosary and holy medals and the scapular. Say the full rosary every day.

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