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Monday, 16 September 2013

What Satan and other demons said through Anneliese Michel - Germany1975.

Sorry I haven't done a blogpost for months. I just had no time in the summer holidays running around my small boy and having workmen around the house doing plumbing works. We live in a very old house and every now and again we have to update certain parts of it. 

I have just finished reading a rather disturbing but true and important story of a young German girl, who was demonically possessed in 1975-6. I think it is an important book because so many people including Christians simply do not believe in the devil nor Hell; yet these are 2 major doctrines in the Christian church! (yes - even the cosy CofE  - believe it or not! Really??? - YES sweetie pie!).  Indeed I feel it is very dangerous not to believe in the existence of evil spirits and Hell, because after we die, we face an eternity of either Heaven (with either a long or short spell in Purgatory) or Hell. It is a sobering fact that for Catholic Christians, it only takes an unrepented and conscious mortal sin to end up in Hell. That aint funny matey! And once there, there is never a way out. It is forever and ever. That fact alone should wake Catholics up! It scares the hell out of me (excuse the pun - if that is the correct term!). Of course -  thankfully all parishes offer the sacrament of confession. We need it! It makes me squirm in the box every time, but I need to go frequently!

The book is also important because of who the author is - a world renowned exorcist in the Catholic Church - Father Jose Antonio Fortea. He travels around the world doing case studies of demonic possession. He has also done an interview which is now on a DVD called "Interview with an exorcist", through St Anthony's Communications. It is well worth watching.

Fr Fortea wrote the e-book in 2012 and it is about £6 on Amazon. It is called, "A true story of a case of demonic possession" The film, "The exorcism of Emily Rose" is based on this case - which is known as the "Klinenberg case". Klinenberg is in Bavaria, Germany - also the burial place of Anneliese Michel. It is now a place of pilgrimage.

Anneliese (born in 1952) was a pious girl from a strong Catholic family. She was part of that period in the Church when changes were happening in the holy mass (some legitimate, some definitley not). When communion in the hand was introduced, she instinctively felt this was wrong, so she stopped going to her parish and found one which kept to the correct way. It was also a time when many clergy stopped believing in many doctrines, for example referring to demons as medieval theology. It was a time of dissent in many parts of the Western Church. The rebellion against Humanae Vitae (1968) was widespread, and many other teachings were being questioned or challenged. One could call this period onwards a diabolical confusion. Sadly the confusion hasn't ended.

Anneliese Michel had a vision of Our Lady in her early 20s. Our Lady asked her if she was prepared to suffer much for German youth and priests. She agreed. The suffering would be in the form of demonic possession. She was to be a "victim soul". Anneliese was to show Germany and the world that devils really do exist. Throughout her possession, she still prayed, went to mass, said the rosary and received the sacraments.

She would be possessed by up to 10 demons some of whom revealed themselves - Lucifer, Cain, Hitler, Nero and Fr Fleischmann, among them. The 2 priests who carried out the exorcisms were not supported by their bishops - they suffered much. They knew she was possessed, having carried out all the tests that have to be done when deciding on a case - it is pretty meticulous. (Father Fortea talks about the assessment in his interview). The priests recorded the exorcisms which means there is a record of what was said. What the demons say is revealing. I am only going to put some of what they said, and these were published by Father A Faroni. Father Fortea includes them in the e-book.

Word of warning! Some of what the demons said are controversial - they might make you hold your breath! I held mine!

What Lucifer said:-

"I want to conquer the earth for myself. In the meantime, I make a rich booty. I am filling up my kingdom. I take whatever I can take, I must convince you of this".

"The majority have abandoned the Nazarene. How foolish! Those still faithful are a small flock".

"I took Judas with me! He is always at my service. He is damned. He could have saved himself, but he has not followed the Nazarene".

"The enemies of the Church belong to us".

"O, if you had an idea of how things stand below! The visionary children of Fatima have seen it. If you had an idea..... you would be on your knees day and night at the tabernacle. I had to say it because the High Lady compels me to". The 'High Lady' refers to Our Lady.

Fr Renz asks Lucifer - "You are responsible for heresies, eg those of Kung!". Lucifer replies - " Yes and we have still more".

Lucifer said - "The priests should say that I exist. Or else they will all go down!"

What Judas said:-

"I am damned for eternity! You careless people, if you could just imagine what it is to be damned for eternity! I am damned!

"I will not come out of the girl. Down there, it is too tormenting".

"If people knew what was in store for them by not going to church! It will fair them extremely bad". 

"These modernists are the result of my work and they already belong to me".

"They no longer obey the Pope in Rome. It is the one in Rome who still keeps the Church going".

"Humanae Vitae is also with no result. It is useless"

"The religious in monasteries watch TV and don't pray enough, do not kneel down and they extend their paws (ie, receive Holy Communion in the hand).

What Cain said:-

"I have killed my brother. I am burning"

What Hitler said:-

"Men are so beastly stupid! They believe that after death all is finished. But life goes on, either up or down"

What Father Fleischmann said:-

"I was a priest at Ettleben. I am damned. It is horrible down there. Judas pulled me down there".

" I am damned because I fulfilled my duties very badly"

"I have killed 1 person and I had women".

"I prayed too little. I was always in a hurry to finish my sacred duties. Now, I am down there languishing for eternity".

"No priests should marry".

"If the bishops did not permit communion in the hand, this would not have happened" (this refers to consecrated hosts being sold).

What Nero said:-

"You should follow the message of Fatima!"

"Humanae Vitae is decisive, the whole Humanae Vitae!"

"The rosary should be recited, or else it is the end!"

Fr Renz asks about Bishop Lefebvre. Lucifer replies, "Ha! That one! But they don't believe in him. What a pity".

Miscellaneous things the demons said:-

"The modernists are killing the Church. We are hard at work at this".

"No one speaks any longer of us, especially the parish priests".

"The bishops are so foolish as to believe the theologians like Kung rather than the Pope."

"This is the month of the rosary but very few recite it, because the parish priests think it's not modern. They are so foolish! If they knew its importance! It is a strong weapon against Satan and against us."

Nero said, "The Dutch bishops are heretics. They have become unfaithful to the Pope!"

"Catholics have the true doctrine and they run after the Protestants like prostitutes!"

"There in the synods, they continue to deliberate. The bishops already know what they should do. There would be no need of synods if they followed the Pope. For them the Pope is foolish! They are those who let that thing (the host) be given in the hands!"
"The doctrine is falsified in the Church!"

"Many do not go to church any longer. No one kneels down to the Blessed Sacrament. And the Church is not doing well since the time it was founded. The churches are so modern! The Nazarene and His Mother are now attacking!"

"People should go to confession".

Judas says, "The giving of Communion in the hand was my work".

"Holy water should come back to houses! Also, the crucifix should return to its place in the home".

"The Holy Face should be venerated!"

"The Divine Mercy image should be propogated".

"It is very important to pray to St Joseph. Rather it is most important!".

"If the message of Fatima is not given due importance and Humanae Vitae, a new punishment will come".

"It won't last much longer. The chastisement is coming".

"The contents of the audio cassette must beforehand be made public. Many will yet be saved."

"Guardian angels are day and night near you, behind you. Today people do not believe in guardian angels. Guardian angels are my enemies. I hate them."

Nero said, "Abortion is homicide"

Lucifer said, "The apparitions of San Damiano and Montechiari are true. The Church did not approve them, but this is the fruit of our work."

Judas said, "People standing during Holy Communion pleases me more than kneeling. I do everything possible that no one be on his knees."

In 1975, Judas also said, "We are very happy with the new reforms. We are most happy with these changes."

"The films are bad and TV not better".

The 2 priests involved, and one of their bishops all believed Anneliese was possessed. It was the first official and public case of exorcism in Germany in 50 years and the only known case recorded on tapes. There have been no known exorcisms carried out in Germany since Annelies's death. The author believes she died a martyr.

After 67 sessions she died on 1st July 1976. People have been visiting her grave since her death. It has acquired pilgrimage status.

The author of this book applauds the following films, for showing the reality of possession - "The Exorcist", and "The Exorcism of Emily Rose". The most famous living exorcist - Gabriele Amorth also recommends these films, for their sheer realism.

Sobering stuff. A jolly good book. As an ebook you can get a free sample for your kindle. 

Of related interest is the book by atheist Dr Felicitas Goodman - "The exorcism of Anneliese Michel". She was a witness during the exorcisms. She writes from a scientific background. It is available in paperback on Amazon.

My spriritual father - Saint Padre Pio - used to be quite blunt with people. One example is when people would come up to him and say they didn't believe in Hell nor the devil. He would scowl at them and say, "You soon will when you get there!" St Pio pray for us! 
If you are a lapsed Catholic - I hope you realise that missing Mass on Sunday (or Saturday night) without a serious reason is a mortal sin. 

I composed a photo of devotional items and a doctrinal encyclical which the demons said are REALLY important! The other important devotion - which I don't know much about, is the Five sacred wounds of Jesus.


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  2. Damned souls not demons.

  3. Did they were forced to say that? I'm surprised demons says valuable things to save us.

    1. the priest forced them to say the truht in the name of the holy trinity

    2. yes, they have to obey when commanded by a priest because the devils are under the authority of the priest vested to him by the Holy Trinity.

    3. While the Priest carries exocism, demons under oath, in the name of Jesus to speak truth. And Truth sets us free. Praise God for the revelation of Truth

  4. Weren't there 6 demons to possess her or 10? Its been quite vague about this information.

  5. I have really an important question to ask..... Why did Anneliese have to face such a sorrowful and tough experience? As much as I know, she was an extremely religious girl and I see no reason why the demons had to possess her instead of all the criminals and dishonest people in this world.

    1. because Our Lord wanted her as a victim soul - she was asked first and she agreed. Our Lord wanted to show through Aneliese, that Devils really exist and he'll exists. The belief in these Truths has diminished which is so dangerous. The Germans in particular lost belief in these eternal truths.

    2. The world is an alter where one is able to sacrifice to God...isn't it a much greater sacrifice for an innocent to suffer than a dishonest person. How many more souls are saved by the suffering of an innocent. This is why we all need to take up our cross willingly without complaint...the reward is great.

    3. because she was religious and with strong spirit that could carry out the message that could prove the existance of God and demons etc

    4. The blessed mother asked her if she wanted to suffer for the souls.... Priests and....

    5. For the same reasons Christ had to suffer the Cross. Considering it is 45 years after Her death and we are still reading and talking about it, what She went through is what keeps us looking into it.

  6. Thanks a lot for your warnings here and your transcripts. Clearly this is not gibberish she is speaking, unlike what many 'sceptics' claim.
    Two points. Firstly Professor Goodman was not present at the exorcisms. She read about the trial and felt that a great injustice was being committed. She had been translating from German secret pharmaceutical reports about the epilepsy medicament Anneliese had been taking which revealed to her that those meds could kill. This was not known to the court or the parents or Anneliese.
    Secondly I can confirm the disastrous results of modernism in Germany. I have a close friend who was raised a Catholic and whose uncle was some bishop near Berlin. I checked with her the other day what he had told her about Hell and Satan on her frequent visits to stay with him. (He was her substitute father as she lost her real one as an infant.) She revealed he had never spoken to her about Satan or Hell. And her refusal to entertain such notions (she still believes in God) is clearly that bishop's legacy. She seems to be solidly opposed to exorcism.
    The suffragan bishop involved was mainly interested in Teilhard de Chardin, evolution and science. And in collecting Chinese porcelain of which he had a valuable collection...

  7. I would just be careful, because if the priests carried out these exorcisms without the approval of the local ordinary they wouldn't have had the same power than if they had his approval. According to Fr Fortea, this is exactly why permission from the Bishop is so essential.

    I'm not an expert in this area, but I would be extra careful in case the priests may not have had the authority that is required in order to force the demons to tell the truth. I have my doubts, as Archbishop Lefebvre seemed to initially have good intentions, but now he is the late founder of the schismatic SSPX.

    It is the common tactic of the SSPX to draw constant and sensationalistic attention to the abuses carried out by members of the Church as a means to entice unwitting people out of the Church and into their sect, who claim to practise traditional devotions and adherence to the Latin Mass. It seems this is the same tactic of the devils in this possessed girl, so I would begin to think that they have been feigning to tell the truth, and the priests have not been qualified to anticipate this.

    (FYI, for apostolates that do great work in practising the TLM, go to the FSSP or the Institute of Christ the King. Stay far away from the SSPX.)

    1. I've checked multiple sources of Anneliese's case and I can tell you the two priests had permission to perform the exorcisms by the bishop

    2. @unknown: very correct dear. True, the priests were given permission. After the very first two sessions, they realised this wasn't child's play, and were surprised when the demons began revealing their identity immediately. It was said that when they began revealing things, Annaliese's mum was called to begin writing down what they were revealing. When they realised that the demons were revealing things very fasts, they had to stop then after the 2nd session, and quickly went to get permission from their Bishop to be allowed to record the exorcism. So they were given permission both before they ever started the exorcism, and when they requested for it to be recorded.

  8. Cool, so realistic. i think it was real demons who say that.

  9. Nice to read your article! I am looking forward to sharing your adventures and experiences. תרגום טכני לאנגלית

  10. She was chosen for her purity that brave girl was asked if she would accept this torture to show people that Devils exist and therefore Jesus Christ our Lord is real. It's scary, I have made mistakes but I have always prayed to god though not enough but now I am going to attend church and get my youngest son baptised. It's scary stuff. That poor girl suffered so much but she achieved what she wanted on a huge scale. God bless her

  11. R.I.P Anneliese Michel & Thank you God for showing us that the devil & the evil that comes with him is very real.

  12. She has to be with God now.


  14. I listened to parts of some of the audiotapes of the exorcism (they are on Youtube); when you hear the audiotapes, there can be no doubt that she was possessed. The constant growling and the voice that spoke through Anneliese, full of rage and hatred, could not be fake.

    1. Unfortunately when I did I got visited. You don't have to believe me but it was scary. The only open door I can think of is I haven't healed from being molested. I have also been very weak in my health due to things I cannot control. I have questioned this a lot considering everyone has problems. So why me? Whatever it was was right after I listened to the audiotape. I could feel whatever it was looking at me. I could not see it but it also sat by my mother the whole night. She told me the next morning. I of course freaked out and got angry. This time I wasn't crazy. Let's just say I've had an evil entity following me since I was a kid. From time to time it comes back but for the most part I'm safe.

    2. Please, Taylor, find the exorcist from your diocese and have him pray with you. It is common that spirits attach to souls as a result of abuse. Allow God's healing to be completed in you. I'm speak with first hand experience to you.

    3. I don't believe it!!!! I just commented that I have been visited twice in my life by a hooded figure, blacker than night, now I have some1 else say they have had the same thing happen, I have felt the unseen eyes on me so many nights and ive woke up terrified, lay afraid to move, I wasn't abused though, thank you for sharing your not crazy!!!!

  15. Anneliese you know you are with me always I LOVE YOU GOD BLESS YOU~!

  16. God bless us all.

  17. I would be careful with what those demons said. They are out to deceive you. They mix lies with the truth. Use discernment and common sense.

    1. They must speak truth when asked in the name of the father,son and holy spirit.

    2. They must speak truth when asked in the name of Father,Son and holy Spirit.

  18. Why they only enter in anneliesse????

  19. I think the Harry Potter books would have been mentioned by the evil ones if they'd been around then.
    Let's not forget Anneliese and her message I believe it's important ppl know of the reality of an eternal hell.

  20. Is it true that after the exorcism the person in question can again be possed by the SAME and even MORE demons? ll this person always be a potential target?

  21. I have listen to some parts of the recordings but i only heard Anneliese (the demons)speak in german.where can i fiend voice recordings where i can hear they speak in a other languas like hebrew,latin etc.Let me know.

  22. That’s scary as hell but wrong they had no right to do that but I bet she was a lovely gal

  23. I thank the blogger for publishing it.
    I believe in everything that was printed. As a catechist for teenagers, the document has helped me confirm the source of modernism that the world is so focused.

    If one is focuses on heaven, simplicity and not pride surfaces.
    And in Annaliese's life of victimhood is her joy of offering to the Lord the many souls she had saved. It is also her surest way to enjoy eternal life with Jesus and the Blessed Mother.

    It is scary but this is reality that the evil is cunning to lure our souls into his darkest kingdom. May we be always in our Blessed Mother's mantle of protection.

  24. There are Catholics and heretics. There are not multiple Christianities. Thus no "Catholic Christians". Just Catholics.

  25. Is receiving Holy Communion in the hand bad? That’s the primary way I was taught to receive it as a child- it’s the way I’ve received Communion all my life! Can anyone clarify?

    1. Only the tongue. The hand option was brought in subtly and it makes you lose your faith in the real presence. The Latin Mass only allows communion on the tongue, and kneeling (if your knees are good)

  26. Please can you help me find a German transcript of the exorcism? I cna find it in English, but all the links to the original German seem to have been deleted.

  27. That is what I have stated in my book and in my emails. We have to fight satan and not give in to his demands! As Catholics we show up as scared, beaten, subdued individuals instead of fighters for the right of life, freedom of speech and for the Good of the Faith and for the right to have our Faith as Jesus wants it, not as satan wants it! May God bless you all, Maria


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