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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Excellent utube on why the cult of "pope worship" is utterly wrong

I don't usually promote the Michael Voris videos, but I do watch them, as he has some interesting and intelligent speakers on. 

This video is actually rather good and to the point.

Unfortunately since  Saint Pope John Paul II was elected, there has been a cult of "pope worship" - especially as he was the first pope to really travel the world, and he started these err World Youth Days, which made him into a media savvy "pop star". However, I have to say it was Pope John Paul 2 who made me realise how mortally sinful artificial birth control is, so I owe him a lot! I took my faith seriously when he was alive.

Sadly the way saints are made now is questionable, since the 'devil's advocate' was binned years ago. I am not that certain if I believe in all the newest saints, so I prefer to venerate the saints who were elevated in the correct way - that is, with a proper devil's advocate. Suffice to say I think Pope John Paul II was canonised far too quickly - revisionist historians are already finding evidence of some very  questionable things he said, did and wrote.  Needlesstosay there was no devil's advocate for Pope John Paul II. I find that disturbing.

So this video is good, as Michael Voris is correctly saying that no one has to hang on every utterance a pope makes and popes do say wrong things and even don't know their doctrine sometimes! So when a pope says something which brings up a 'red flag' just check the Denzinger book on Catholic dogma, and if a pope contradicts it, then he must in all charity be ignored! And charitably corrected too.

Did you know that in the past we have had popes who raped and murdered victims, one fathered several children! So let us strive to end this ridiculous cult of papalotria every time the pope opens his mouth! Especially on blooming planes! For everyone's sake!

Enjoy the utube!

Picture of a cake shop in Seville during Holy Week

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

A good talk on the madness of commemorating Luther - enemy of Catholicism

Michael Matt and Chris Ferrara give a brilliant analysis on why they think Pope Francis should not be celebrating the 500 year anniversary of Martin Luther's break with the Catholic Church. This duo are like 2 prophets in the hideous confusing wilderness of the "goings on" in Rome.

And what does Michael Voris of the Church Militant Apostolate think? And is Jimmy Akin going to do his "10 good things to learn and know about Martin Luther and the Deformation, sorry reformation?" 

Cuckoo cuckoo

It lasts under half an hour.

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