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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Excellent utube on why the cult of "pope worship" is utterly wrong

I don't usually promote the Michael Voris videos, but I do watch them, as he has some interesting and intelligent speakers on. 

This video is actually rather good and to the point.

Unfortunately since  Saint Pope John Paul II was elected, there has been a cult of "pope worship" - especially as he was the first pope to really travel the world, and he started these err World Youth Days, which made him into a media savvy "pop star". However, I have to say it was Pope John Paul 2 who made me realise how mortally sinful artificial birth control is, so I owe him a lot! I took my faith seriously when he was alive.

Sadly the way saints are made now is questionable, since the 'devil's advocate' was binned years ago. I am not that certain if I believe in all the newest saints, so I prefer to venerate the saints who were elevated in the correct way - that is, with a proper devil's advocate. Suffice to say I think Pope John Paul II was canonised far too quickly - revisionist historians are already finding evidence of some very  questionable things he said, did and wrote.  Needlesstosay there was no devil's advocate for Pope John Paul II. I find that disturbing.

So this video is good, as Michael Voris is correctly saying that no one has to hang on every utterance a pope makes and popes do say wrong things and even don't know their doctrine sometimes! So when a pope says something which brings up a 'red flag' just check the Denzinger book on Catholic dogma, and if a pope contradicts it, then he must in all charity be ignored! And charitably corrected too.

Did you know that in the past we have had popes who raped and murdered victims, one fathered several children! So let us strive to end this ridiculous cult of papalotria every time the pope opens his mouth! Especially on blooming planes! For everyone's sake!

Enjoy the utube!

Picture of a cake shop in Seville during Holy Week


  1. “I have asked the demon more than once, ‘Why are you so scared of John Paul II and I have had two different responses, both interesting. One, ‘because he disrupted my plans.’ And, I think that he is referring to the fall of communism in Russia and Eastern Europe. The collapse of communism.”

    “Another response that he gave me, ‘because he pulled so many young people from my hands.’ There are so many young people who, thanks to John Paul II, were converted. Perhaps some were already Christian but not practicing, but then with John Paul II they came back to the practice. ‘He pulled so many young people out of my hands.’”

    Fr. Gabriele Amorth


  2. Very good John. I have Amorth's book.

  3. "St Gemma, St Padre Pio, Blessed John Paul II and St Faustina assist together in an exorcism

    Next, in another even more recent book we find St. Gemma together with St. Padre Pio, Blessed Pope John Paul II and St Faustina Kowalska assisting at an exorcism. The newly published book (2012) written in Italian details among other things a man’s deliverance from a legion of demons though years of exorcisims. The book is entitled “La Mia Possessione” (My Possession) by Francesco Vaiasuso, Milano: Edizione Piemme 2012. In chapter 13, pp.228-229 we find the following incident. These were the last exorcisms in which the man was finally delivered from the demons that took possession of him since he was 4 years old and was taken to a Satanic Ritual by a friend of his mother who wanted to seek revenge on their family. This happened in April of 2005, just a month after the death of Blessed Pope.John Paul II. This event occurred while the man was with Fr. Benigno for an exorcism:

    “I was at Fr. Benigno, completely dissociated. Suddenly, my face became relaxed, smooth as wax. I had a vision. In front of me there were four saints or almost saints…Padre Pio of Pietralcina, Sister Faustina Kowalska, Gemma Galgani, and John Paul II. Padre Pio and Wojtyla were in front. Padre Pio at a certain moment signals John Paul II to come forward. Without speaking but communicating mentally, he (Padre Pio) tells him, “It is your turn. It is your moment.”

    Padre Pio and Wojtyla looked at each other with great respect. Their friendship, which existed on earth, continued in heaven. Wojtyla takes a step towards me. He is tall, strong, not too young but not old either, dressed in white, dressed as a Pope. His face was radiant, giving off light in a way I can’t describe.

    The demons were shocked, terrified, and shouted at the same time: “We are leaving. Wojtyla is destroying us, let’s escape.” Theirs is a cry of horror, of someone who screams while falling without hope down a precipice into some deep hole. And I remained there, liberated in one instant.”

    -Taken from “La Mia Possessione” (My Possession) by Francesco Vaiasuso, Milano: Edizione Piemme 2012. - See more at:



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