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Saturday, 4 May 2013

O Hoydens of Wadhurst! - a Haiku poem

I go through the picturesque village of Wadhurst at least once a week and it always saddens me that the secondary school-girls look ridiculous in obscenely short skirts some of them far too tight. You see them trying to hoik them down as they walk. Even in the coldest winter these girls still wore these skirts. I did write to the head but the reply was "can't do anything dear". So I have written a Haiku poem about these girls.

O Hoydens of Wadhurst!

Wadhurst girls strutting
Down high-street, crotch-skimming skirts
So short, pants are seen!

Off to school you strut
All knowing glances at boys
What signals you give!

I wrote to the head
About these scandalous skirts
Nothing we can do!

Nothing we can do?!
But that is so pathetic
Can't heads make the rules?

Head Teacher act now!
Exert your authority
Get those skirts longer!

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