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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Any pretty Catholic Churches near Blandford, Dorset? My aunt wants to know.

My aunt sent me a Christmas card with a letter inside - see below. Not sure if she is a lapsed catholic but she was a confirmed catholic definitely. I don't know Dorset well but please read her sad letter as she would like a traditional Catholic Church near Blandford and she doesn't want minimalist!

Now I do sympathise with her. My own church is moving to a new location and having visited the new chapel I don't like it at all. It is stark and brutal with blooming windows floor to ceiling. The hard white walls are devoid of any beauty and I feel so sad about it. Talk about harsh lighting - I cannot understand architects who design modern churches and don't think about soft lighting. No - my mind and heart are not lifted one bit. No - when I look up I see 1000watt bulbs glaring down - in giant downlighters. The floor is whitish marble - hard and cold. I have no idea who designed it or anything like that. Maybe the nuns like it - who knows.

I don't know when the 'big move' to the new chapel is taking place and I wonder if it will move at all. There is some legal hitch holding things up. 

Maybe God has other plans and just maybe it isn't His will for the current church to leave Heathfield high street. The parishioners who voted not to move cited the fact that the Catholic Church would lose its high-street presence. Valid argument but sadly it is locked all day anyway, so not much good if one wants to simply go and pray.
I know minimalist is all in and that is fine in museums and private houses. But for places of worship?minimalist won't do at all (in my opinion!). Nothing but the best for God. 

Sunday, 1 December 2013

"New Catholic RE Course - 'Come and See' is heretical!

Daphne McLeod heads the "Pro Exclesia et Pontifice" group, which publishes "The Flock", an excellent pamphlet regarding catholic education and catechetics (or rather - the lack of it!). I have met Daphne on a couple of occasions and I don't doubt her knowledge!

I get depressed when I open my "Flock" but this one takes the biscuit!

In it Daphne, (retired head teacher of a catholic primary school) goes through the new catholic RE course "Come and See" and lists many errors and heresies in it. Yikes - all I can say is DEO GRATIAS my boy is NOT at a catholic state primary. Hopefully NOT ALL catholic primaries will take this course on BUT parents need to be alerted to this one, which is terrible. 

I urge you to go to the website and read all about the theological errors in this RE programme. It isn't a joke and one wonders what is actually going on with our hierarchy?! Bishops dear bishops please wake up and don't allow this course in your primary schools. Souls are at stake here! Daphne has sent her critique to every bishop in the land, plus to the CDF.

It won't take long to read.

On another note our parish priest was promoting a book by the famous mystic Vassula Ryden - published this year - called "Heaven is real, but so is Hell: An eyewitness account of what is to come". I have put the book on my wish list. I know this mystic is controversial, but Cardinal Ratzinger was quite favourable towards her writings when he headed the CDF. Cardinal Levada was not so keen. Good on our PP though. Hell is just so not PC is it? But Vassula is right - hell exists, even if a large majority don't believe in it. Until and indeed if the Vatican condemns her I see no reason why I can't read this book.

The photo below is an excerpt of Daphne McLeod's critique of "Come and See" Not a good photo I know! Website is better.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Fr Matthew Despard - suspended for telling the truth! Please sign on-line petition to re-instate him

The Catholic Church in Scotland is going through a turbulent period at the moment. Just before Pope Francis was elected, the most senior Catholic cleric - Cardinal Keith O'Brien stood down after revelations of sexual misconduct with priests and seminarians (1 former, as he had to leave lest he compromise his purity with Cardinal O'Brien!). But this is just the tip of a rather large iceberg. Next came revelations from former pupils at the Catholic monastery in the Highlands - Fort Augustus Abbey School, where pupils were beaten and sexually abused by monks - all covered up by the powers that be! Oh dear - when is all this going to end. I am so FED UP with the cover-ups in my church I want to get those senior bishops and bang their heads together. Those responsible for the cover-ups should at least apologise and humbly resign. One abused man - former pupil at Fort Augustus told me via Twitter that he has never got over his abuse. Very sadly, many of these victims lose their faith.

One very brave and holy priest - Fr Matthew Despard, who alerted the correct channels in the Catholic hierarchy about the sexual bullying in his seminary and within the priesthood itself - was 'sent to Coventry' - they didn't want to know. He contacted the papal nuncio and his own Bishop Devine. All ignored the allegations and  swept eveything under the carpet. So - in his desperation he wrote an e-book about his appalling time in seminary and as a priest. This book, called "Priesthood in Crisis" became a global best-seller - I believe it made postion 119 out of millions of books. I was fortunate to get my copy before Amazon banned it in the UK. You can get a copy if you leave the UK from whichever country you go to. I asked an English priest what he made of Fr Despard's book. He said it was a "depressing but important book".

I was so upset when I read the book BUT I personally feel it needed writing as this sexual misconduct cannot go on forever and be continually ignored. His own bishop Joseph Devine decided no charges would be brought aganist Fr Despard and soon after tended his resignation. That speaks volumes.

Why was Fr Despard persecuted in seminary and within the priesthood? According to him, many other good orthodox priests are 'hounded out' because they actually believe what the Church teaches! Oh my! The persecutors it seems - were men, who clearly had no vocation themselves and 'infiltrated' the priesthood, so as to change the Church from within. I know this is true as 2 friends of mine - both mothers of priests have told me the same happened to their sons. Purely because they were orthodox and believed in Humanae Vitae etc. 

Shockingly last Saturday 23rd November - just before mass was to begin, Bishop Toal came into Fr Despard's church - St John Ogilvie, and told the parishioners that thier priest was suspended. There was outrage apparently and one lady said it was as "close to a riot" as it could possibly get. Now I only know one fact about Bishop Toal - apparently he doesn't like people kneeling very much.

The support behind Fr Despard has been tremendous, and a paper petition was organised immediatley by 40 year old Helen Ann Hawkins. She says it was Fr Despard who brought her back to the Church after being lapsed. This paper petiton got over 500 signatures alone. She has also set up an on-line petiton and this got over 500 signatures in a day. The petition asks Bishop Toal to re-instate their parish priest as he has done nothing wrong - all he did was tell it how it is! 
The on-line petiton is found at - - and put "Matthew Despard" in the search engine.

I was so upset myself that I wrote to Bishop Hugh Gilbert (Bishop of Aberdeen) - I used to visit his mother when she was at Holy Cross Priory in East Sussex. He answered my last letter so I know he reads them!

Good often comes out of evil - the evil in this case is the suspension of a good orthodox priest. The good may be that the church in Scotland has to to wake up out of its comfy cronysim and take seriously the allegations in this book. I think the laity has also woken up - the scandal of the Keith O'Brien has upset parishioners - the Fort Augustus child abuse has been another knock-back. The revelations in Fr Despard's book are eye-popping. The sexual misconduct seems to be happening amongst all levels of clergy. Even Pope Francis acknowledged there are gay lobbies and masonic lobbies within the Vatican!

Pray that Fr Matthew is re-instated!
His parish is holding rosary vigils for this intention every week.

I recommend the following book about infiltration of homosexuality in the Catholic Church. To date - not a single fact has been challenged by the Vatican!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

My Extraordinary brief encounter with the erroneous Mgr Basil Loftus - Brora, 3rd October 2013

For the last 8 or so years, my husband and I have been coming up to Scotland to go stalking - with a group of older generation couples (very slightly younger than my parents' generation). We go for 3 nights only. We fly to Inverness and then it's a 1.5 hour journey to the lodge which is in the hamlet of Robart.

I don't very often join the actual stalk- I have done it a few times but that was enough for me. Instead I go to Brora - about an hour's journey from the lodge, as there is a Catholic Church called "Christ the King". Up until last year, this parish had a resident priest - Fr Benedict Seed. I am lucky to have attended mass every year - at least once and sometimes twice.

Before we went I rang the parish number to find out the mass times, and the deacon who answered said there was mass on Thursday 3rd October preceded by the Holy Rosary - being the month of October.

For the first time I had a companion with me - one of the wives of the stalkers - not a Catholic, but an active Anglican in her local church in East Sussex. She really wanted to see what a Catholic mass was like - curious if you like.

So we arrived at the little church - and there were about 12 people there - pretty good attendance for a tiny town. We took our places and waited for the visiting priest. He was a bit delayed. Anyway - in breezed a jolly chap - in Scottish country attire. This shortish man reminded me of Raymond Briggs' cartoon character "Father Christmas", with his jolly red face, white beard, confident and extrovert manner and wide sparking eyes. He went to the altar - turned around and apologised for being late. He had a lovely beaming smile. This was the famous and controversial Monseigneur Basil Loftus. He writes for "The Tablet" and "Catholic Times". I had read one of his articles which was rather unorthodox. Although "The Tablet" claims to be Catholic it is more Protestant in its views and its readership is mostly Anglicans -  who relish it with delight!

After a quick change into his priestly vestments, he and the distinguished looking tall deacon walked up to the altar. Before the mass began he gave us a sermon. He said that it was a terribly exciting day because Pope Francis was in his closed meeting with his 'cabinet' of 8 cardinals - who the Pope selected to help him sort out the Vatican bureaucracy, curia and the scandalous Vatican bank. He also said that the readings of the day were terribly apt, especially the first reading (Nehemiah 8: 1-12). He said that like the Israelites the Church too has had 40 years of wilderness, but now with Pope Francis - all that is changing - my golly goodness me! He said we can't bother ourselves with petty rules and regulations - got to concentrate on the more important stuff. He is utterly delighted with the new Holy Father.

The mass was said with great reverence indeed and instead of little bells at the consecration - there was more of a booming gong - 3 times at both the consecrations. 

My companion went up to get a blessing as I explained that we don't have inter-communion and he gave her a beaming smile and blessed her.

After mass we were all invited into the parish room for coffee and cakes. Why not we thought. So we went and socialised. I learnt that they parishioners are very worried that Bishop Hugh Gilbert is going to shut the church as there is no resident priest anymore.

The monseigneur beamed up to us and asked us where we were from.  I said we were from Sussex and that we were stalking with our husbands. He got the wrong end of the stick - he thought I said we were stalking husbands! - and a great guffaw of peels and  laughter issued from his jolly face. We made his day clearly! He said a great friend of his came from our part of the world - Bishop John Hine.

I mentioned that he had a potential convert who comes to mass at Brora - the honourable Martin Janson, son of the Countess of Sutherland. He looked startled and said - "Didn't think we were supposed to get converts anymore!!". More jovial laughter.

The deacon explained to me something rather interesting about Mgr Basil and the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. He says it was Mgr Basil who took 3 of the Anglo-Catholic vicars to Rome to see what could be done about their precarious situation. Precarious because although a branch within the CofE, they were "personas not grata" within that organisation, because they did not agree with the CofE's move towards women bishops. Basil must have put the seed in Pope Benedict's mind and now we have The Ordinariate! Brilliant. I just wonder if this is what Baz envisioned? Perhaps not, but God works in strange ways and through various personalities (including unorthodox!) Good on you Baz! Good work! Wish I could say the same for your heterodox articles!

But I expect the origins of the Ordinariate are more complicated than what I heard. I think there were many strands leading up to it. I hope there will be a book on the history of the Ordinariate. 

He wanted to know what we were up to next, and we said we were going to visit the vintage shop in the village. He laughed (in a sort of way which said "typical women!"), bade us goodbye and put on his eccentric tweed cap and strode to his car. 

A most unforgettable encounter!

Friday, 4 October 2013

The Archbishop Schneider Interview - on the errors of Vatican 2


On UTube you can watch a superb interview which was conducted by Michael Voris in Rome, June 2013. It is well worth watching and all you need do is go to the UTube website and put Archbishop Schneider in the search box.

I took notes while I watched it and here are the salient points.
Archbishop Athanasius Schneider is the Archbishop of Kazakhstan. His name is interesting and rather significant (in my opinion). It was St Athanasius who fought the Arian Heresy of the 3rd Century, and while the majority of Catholics fell for the Arian heresy, Athanasius was banished for his views and he was literally "contra mundum". But St Athanasius was proved right in the end. Basically the Arian heresy was started by a man called Arius, who said that Jesus Christ was a lesser being than God - in other words, he denied the divinity of the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.

Archbishop Schneider is the author of a little book called "Dominus Est" - a really good book, and available on Amazon. Written in 2010, he is arguing for the case of stopping the modern practice of receiving Holy Communion in the hand. He strongly puts forward the case of receiving on the tongue. It is interesting to witness that Pope Francis will only give Holy Communion on the tongue - there is a UTube video showing him pointing to the mouth of a communicant extending his hands. The communicant understands immediately and receives in the correct manner.

Archbishop Schneider is in his early 50s, and in the interview, he exudes a rare holiness - an aura which really holy people seem to have. His eyes were alert and lit up and clearly he has a great love of the Catholic Faith. He has concerns though and I am listing them here.

Now his concerns are about the Vatican 2 documents. He says there are some confusing aspects and a lack of precision in the documents. Interestingly enough Cardinal Kasper gave an explosive interview in April 2013, where he admits that some of the formulas (of Vatican 2) were deliberately worded so that they could be widely interpreted. He even calls them "compromise formulas". The Kasper interview was published in the Vatican newspaper - The "Osservatoro Romano". Archbishop Schneider describes these Vatican 2 formulas as ambiguous statements and he is urging Pope Francis to clarify them as a matter of acute importance, because erroneous interpretations have been, and are still taking place. It has had a catastrophic effect on Holy Mother Church - with the shameful lapsation rate in the western world.

He says the Council did not add new doctrines, but the lack of clarity is a real problem and must be corrected. Pope Emeritus Benedict was known to say that the Council needs interpreting in the light of Tradition. He said this in 2005.

He mentions "Lumen Gentium" and the part on Collegiality. He says it isn't clear enough. Pope Paul 6th ordered a note which was added to the end of the document and it needs to be read. 

Point 16 - "Lumen Gentium" is an ambiguous expression regarding the One God, and how Catholics and Muslims worship the same God. This he says is erroneous because the Trinity is at the core of Christian belief, and muslims don't recognise the Trinity. They regard Jesus as a good prophet and certainly not God the Son, Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.

Point 12 -  "Gaudiem et Spes" says all things on earth are directed to man as their aim and summit. The Archbishop says this is incorrect theology because all things are aimed at God and for the glory of God. This subtle mistake he claims, is part of the crisis in the Church for the last 50 years - as it is anthropocentric (meaning man-centred). The sin of Adam and Eve was anthropocentric. This 'man-centred' theology has led to erroneous catechisms and sacramental courses, which have decimated the faith of many Catholics.

"Dignitiatis Humanae" (on religious liberty) is not one of the 4 main Constitutions of the Council, but lower down the scale. He says this document has been interpreted wrongly, leading to the erroneous thinking that all religions are equal. There is only 1 Truth,1 Church and we say this in the Creed every Sunday. The Holy See recognises other religions and got to the position of 'tolerating' other religions - because practically speaking Christians have to live side by side with all sorts of religions. Pius 12th even spoke of the "Theory of tolerance of other believers". 

The encyclical - "Dominus Jesus" - did clarify this and confirms the Catholic Church as the One True Church. I remember when this encyclical came out and the howls that came out of "The Tablet" - possibly the most protesting of Catholic publications - so protesting in fact - that it could be described as Protestant. Interestingly enough the readership of The Tablet is mostly Anglican. And they relish it with great delight. Good on ya Ms Pepinster!

The Archbishop says that if a nation is mostly Catholic, it is better to have a Catholic state. This, he says is NOT discriminatory either. Indeed, he says Catholics should desire a Catholic state.

I really recommend dear reader, that you look at the full interview. Archbishop Schneider speaks beautiful English too. 

I really hope that the Archbishops's concerns will be taken seriously by the hierarchy, and that his little tome "Dominus Est" will be widely read. He has written a sequel but there is no (as yet) English translation.

Pondering all this - in the light of the bomshell admission by Cardinal Kasper (2013 in the Observatoro Romano - the official Vatican newspaper) about the deliberate "compromise formulas" in the concilliar documents- I do have to sympathise with Archbishop Lefevre. I just wonder if he will be proved right in the end, now all these 'snippets' of information are coming out.  Also - Pope Francis says there is a masonic lobby in the Vatican - Archbishop Lefevre mentioned clerical masons by name. He was correct on that score anyway. You know - it does make one wonder if the SSPX are the equivalent of St Athanasius. One day the Truth will out. As I finish this, it seems that the SSPX are currently being offered an olive branch to come on board with NO need to sign anything. Now that is interesting. Watch this space!

And this is what Cardinal Ratzinger had to say in 1988 to the Bishops of Chile

Monday, 23 September 2013

How to make Cornish Pasties - moy lover!

When I went to Truro this Summer - I bought a couple of modern paintings by Cornish artist Chris Billington. Having Cornish blood in his family for centuries, the method of making Cornish Pasties has been handed down from generation to generation. This was the staple lunch for men working in the tin mines, because it was a portable meal-in-one.
Chris regularly makes them and so I got the recipe. The beef to use is "skirt" which I couldn't get from Waitrose (think this comes from proper butchers). I used Aberdeen Angus rump instead.

So you need: (for 4 adults)

1lb of skirt of beef - cut into half inch chunks (rump steak is fine too)
1 very small onion - chopped
1lb swede - chopped (crucial)
1lb potato - cut into half inch cubes
salt and WHITE pepper (has to be white, as stronger flavour than black)

1.5lbs All-butter short pastry - I used a whole pack of Waitrose all-butter short pastry (please don't get horrid pastry with margarine or transfats - which are types of plastic). Or if you are able and have time, make it in your food mixer. Waitrose is the best of the supermarket brands I think.

Sometimes Chris adds a modern twist - stilton cheese crumbled into the mix. Jolly good too.

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and season well.

Roll out the pastry and cut 4 large circles out.

Divide the meat mixture into 4 and put them onto the individual circles.

Brush edges with water and fold up and close (crimp). Now the crimping is important or they will break open when cooking. Make sure they are sealed. Put on a floured baking tray.

Put in a moderate oven - the baking oven of the Aga is about right. Or 400F, Gas mark 6, for about 45 minutes.

There you go me handsome - enjoy!

Monday, 16 September 2013

What Satan and other demons said through Anneliese Michel - Germany1975.

Sorry I haven't done a blogpost for months. I just had no time in the summer holidays running around my small boy and having workmen around the house doing plumbing works. We live in a very old house and every now and again we have to update certain parts of it. 

I have just finished reading a rather disturbing but true and important story of a young German girl, who was demonically possessed in 1975-6. I think it is an important book because so many people including Christians simply do not believe in the devil nor Hell; yet these are 2 major doctrines in the Christian church! (yes - even the cosy CofE  - believe it or not! Really??? - YES sweetie pie!).  Indeed I feel it is very dangerous not to believe in the existence of evil spirits and Hell, because after we die, we face an eternity of either Heaven (with either a long or short spell in Purgatory) or Hell. It is a sobering fact that for Catholic Christians, it only takes an unrepented and conscious mortal sin to end up in Hell. That aint funny matey! And once there, there is never a way out. It is forever and ever. That fact alone should wake Catholics up! It scares the hell out of me (excuse the pun - if that is the correct term!). Of course -  thankfully all parishes offer the sacrament of confession. We need it! It makes me squirm in the box every time, but I need to go frequently!

The book is also important because of who the author is - a world renowned exorcist in the Catholic Church - Father Jose Antonio Fortea. He travels around the world doing case studies of demonic possession. He has also done an interview which is now on a DVD called "Interview with an exorcist", through St Anthony's Communications. It is well worth watching.

Fr Fortea wrote the e-book in 2012 and it is about £6 on Amazon. It is called, "A true story of a case of demonic possession" The film, "The exorcism of Emily Rose" is based on this case - which is known as the "Klinenberg case". Klinenberg is in Bavaria, Germany - also the burial place of Anneliese Michel. It is now a place of pilgrimage.

Anneliese (born in 1952) was a pious girl from a strong Catholic family. She was part of that period in the Church when changes were happening in the holy mass (some legitimate, some definitley not). When communion in the hand was introduced, she instinctively felt this was wrong, so she stopped going to her parish and found one which kept to the correct way. It was also a time when many clergy stopped believing in many doctrines, for example referring to demons as medieval theology. It was a time of dissent in many parts of the Western Church. The rebellion against Humanae Vitae (1968) was widespread, and many other teachings were being questioned or challenged. One could call this period onwards a diabolical confusion. Sadly the confusion hasn't ended.

Anneliese Michel had a vision of Our Lady in her early 20s. Our Lady asked her if she was prepared to suffer much for German youth and priests. She agreed. The suffering would be in the form of demonic possession. She was to be a "victim soul". Anneliese was to show Germany and the world that devils really do exist. Throughout her possession, she still prayed, went to mass, said the rosary and received the sacraments.

She would be possessed by up to 10 demons some of whom revealed themselves - Lucifer, Cain, Hitler, Nero and Fr Fleischmann, among them. The 2 priests who carried out the exorcisms were not supported by their bishops - they suffered much. They knew she was possessed, having carried out all the tests that have to be done when deciding on a case - it is pretty meticulous. (Father Fortea talks about the assessment in his interview). The priests recorded the exorcisms which means there is a record of what was said. What the demons say is revealing. I am only going to put some of what they said, and these were published by Father A Faroni. Father Fortea includes them in the e-book.

Word of warning! Some of what the demons said are controversial - they might make you hold your breath! I held mine!

What Lucifer said:-

"I want to conquer the earth for myself. In the meantime, I make a rich booty. I am filling up my kingdom. I take whatever I can take, I must convince you of this".

"The majority have abandoned the Nazarene. How foolish! Those still faithful are a small flock".

"I took Judas with me! He is always at my service. He is damned. He could have saved himself, but he has not followed the Nazarene".

"The enemies of the Church belong to us".

"O, if you had an idea of how things stand below! The visionary children of Fatima have seen it. If you had an idea..... you would be on your knees day and night at the tabernacle. I had to say it because the High Lady compels me to". The 'High Lady' refers to Our Lady.

Fr Renz asks Lucifer - "You are responsible for heresies, eg those of Kung!". Lucifer replies - " Yes and we have still more".

Lucifer said - "The priests should say that I exist. Or else they will all go down!"

What Judas said:-

"I am damned for eternity! You careless people, if you could just imagine what it is to be damned for eternity! I am damned!

"I will not come out of the girl. Down there, it is too tormenting".

"If people knew what was in store for them by not going to church! It will fair them extremely bad". 

"These modernists are the result of my work and they already belong to me".

"They no longer obey the Pope in Rome. It is the one in Rome who still keeps the Church going".

"Humanae Vitae is also with no result. It is useless"

"The religious in monasteries watch TV and don't pray enough, do not kneel down and they extend their paws (ie, receive Holy Communion in the hand).

What Cain said:-

"I have killed my brother. I am burning"

What Hitler said:-

"Men are so beastly stupid! They believe that after death all is finished. But life goes on, either up or down"

What Father Fleischmann said:-

"I was a priest at Ettleben. I am damned. It is horrible down there. Judas pulled me down there".

" I am damned because I fulfilled my duties very badly"

"I have killed 1 person and I had women".

"I prayed too little. I was always in a hurry to finish my sacred duties. Now, I am down there languishing for eternity".

"No priests should marry".

"If the bishops did not permit communion in the hand, this would not have happened" (this refers to consecrated hosts being sold).

What Nero said:-

"You should follow the message of Fatima!"

"Humanae Vitae is decisive, the whole Humanae Vitae!"

"The rosary should be recited, or else it is the end!"

Fr Renz asks about Bishop Lefebvre. Lucifer replies, "Ha! That one! But they don't believe in him. What a pity".

Miscellaneous things the demons said:-

"The modernists are killing the Church. We are hard at work at this".

"No one speaks any longer of us, especially the parish priests".

"The bishops are so foolish as to believe the theologians like Kung rather than the Pope."

"This is the month of the rosary but very few recite it, because the parish priests think it's not modern. They are so foolish! If they knew its importance! It is a strong weapon against Satan and against us."

Nero said, "The Dutch bishops are heretics. They have become unfaithful to the Pope!"

"Catholics have the true doctrine and they run after the Protestants like prostitutes!"

"There in the synods, they continue to deliberate. The bishops already know what they should do. There would be no need of synods if they followed the Pope. For them the Pope is foolish! They are those who let that thing (the host) be given in the hands!"
"The doctrine is falsified in the Church!"

"Many do not go to church any longer. No one kneels down to the Blessed Sacrament. And the Church is not doing well since the time it was founded. The churches are so modern! The Nazarene and His Mother are now attacking!"

"People should go to confession".

Judas says, "The giving of Communion in the hand was my work".

"Holy water should come back to houses! Also, the crucifix should return to its place in the home".

"The Holy Face should be venerated!"

"The Divine Mercy image should be propogated".

"It is very important to pray to St Joseph. Rather it is most important!".

"If the message of Fatima is not given due importance and Humanae Vitae, a new punishment will come".

"It won't last much longer. The chastisement is coming".

"The contents of the audio cassette must beforehand be made public. Many will yet be saved."

"Guardian angels are day and night near you, behind you. Today people do not believe in guardian angels. Guardian angels are my enemies. I hate them."

Nero said, "Abortion is homicide"

Lucifer said, "The apparitions of San Damiano and Montechiari are true. The Church did not approve them, but this is the fruit of our work."

Judas said, "People standing during Holy Communion pleases me more than kneeling. I do everything possible that no one be on his knees."

In 1975, Judas also said, "We are very happy with the new reforms. We are most happy with these changes."

"The films are bad and TV not better".

The 2 priests involved, and one of their bishops all believed Anneliese was possessed. It was the first official and public case of exorcism in Germany in 50 years and the only known case recorded on tapes. There have been no known exorcisms carried out in Germany since Annelies's death. The author believes she died a martyr.

After 67 sessions she died on 1st July 1976. People have been visiting her grave since her death. It has acquired pilgrimage status.

The author of this book applauds the following films, for showing the reality of possession - "The Exorcist", and "The Exorcism of Emily Rose". The most famous living exorcist - Gabriele Amorth also recommends these films, for their sheer realism.

Sobering stuff. A jolly good book. As an ebook you can get a free sample for your kindle. 

Of related interest is the book by atheist Dr Felicitas Goodman - "The exorcism of Anneliese Michel". She was a witness during the exorcisms. She writes from a scientific background. It is available in paperback on Amazon.

My spriritual father - Saint Padre Pio - used to be quite blunt with people. One example is when people would come up to him and say they didn't believe in Hell nor the devil. He would scowl at them and say, "You soon will when you get there!" St Pio pray for us! 
If you are a lapsed Catholic - I hope you realise that missing Mass on Sunday (or Saturday night) without a serious reason is a mortal sin. 

I composed a photo of devotional items and a doctrinal encyclical which the demons said are REALLY important! The other important devotion - which I don't know much about, is the Five sacred wounds of Jesus.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Our holiday in Dubrovnik - Croatia. July 2013.

We have just spent 10 days in the fabulous "Radisson BLU" resort & Spa just outside Dubrovnik - Croatia. As a family of 5 ranging in age from 6 to 51 we had a wide range of needs and interests! The 4-year old resort is one of the most family friendly resort we have ever come across.

The hotel itself is a work of art and as my eldest son pointed out, looks like something out of a James Bond film - with its top heavy upper part and 'sweeping' lower torso. We didn't stay in the hotel, but one of the comfortable apartments within walking distance. 

(Back view of hotel from boat)
(View of apartments from boat)

Our view from the flat was stunning, with views of the many islands in the sea, which our handsome taxi driver told us - "the cleanest sea in the world after Cyprus". We didn't argue with that!

The facilities were excellent with 2 swimming pools for families, complete with mood lighting and the usual fountains and slides. One pool was for adults only - with views of the sea.

(Photo of eldest on his way to Dubrovnik on jetski - from the hotel marina)

The kids club was free and our youngest loved every minute of it. Open from 10 til 7, the supervisors were friendly and did proper activities, including taking the children to have tennis lessons, rock climbing, badminton and swimming, plus disco for the last hour. As Croatia has only just  joined the EU, there were no silly health and safety rules! Yet.

The ancient town of Dubrovnik was a boat or bus ride away, which the hotel organised. We spent a couple of days in this gorgeous little city - you can walk all the way round it on the fortress walls. There is new cable car which takes you up to the highest point - where the famous cross stands (damaged in the 90's war, but fully restored). The city had no cars in the main parts,  so it was a joy to meander around on the old flagstoned lanes.

(The walled city of Dubrovnik - view from the boat)

(One of the side streets in Dubrovnik - with view of the fully restored cross at the top)

We saw some evidence of the war, in the pharmacy - the oldest in the world - now a museum of  antique ecclesiastical curiosities. A war missile had shot through the thick Franciscan monastery wall and through the inside wall. A miracle that no other damage was done.

Shopping was a pleasure, with local produce, such as the tiny olive oil deli doing free tastings on the pavement. My eldest son found the allure of the pretty girl selling them too much to resist and bought 4 bottles.

You have to climb many stairs in the narrow passageways (which have pretty cushions to sit on) - and we stumbled on a artisan T-shirt shop, where you choose the print to put on. They are called "Liberty" T-shirts, in memory of the end of the war. There was a little wine bar with wine tastings. We did the white wine and red wine tasing - Croatian wine is actually delicious!

(View of the Main Street in Dubrovnik - notice the smooth flagged floor - you could slide on it)

(My youngest at top of cable car with view of the city)

The pilgrim site of Medugorje is a 2-hour drive away - again organised by the hotel and the men managed to find a bar where there was free wi-fi and listened to the Test Match. After the English Mass at noon (for the practising Catholics in the family), we all managed to climb the famous "Apparition Hill" which was quite a feat, with all the rocks and other obstacles. There is a statue of Our Lady at the top and some pilgrims were on their knees in silent prayer. Others wrote notes and left them by the statue. A priest was on a boulder with a prayer book. The views of the town were spectacular.

(youngest son stroking the "Risen Jesus" statue - where the lower leg 'weeps' water - totally inexplicably and there are queues of people with rosaries and little cloths, to get a drop of 'miracle' water from the statue. I only had my hat so we got a drop on that) 

(youngest son took this photo of the "Risen Jesus" statue)

Post script
We need to exercise extreme caution with this 'apparition' site as the 'messages' appear to contradict Church doctrines. This by itself should be a red flag for anyone. Also, the Vatican issued a statement early 2014 saying they the 'seers' are not to publicly invite people to 'meetings' where they say Our Lady is going to appear. Be warned!


Friday, 28 June 2013


On 25th June I received an email with permission to print the contents - to do with the Third Secret of Fatima. Mr Franco Adessa - secretary of the late Fr Luigi Villa - has given the go-ahead to publish this.

It isn't long and won't take you long to read.

Sorry I could not attach the link properly so I had to copy and paste it - so it doesn't look as neat as the original.


Our Lady revealed the Third Secret to Lucy, on July 13, 1917, at the Cova da Iria (Fatima).
Lucy wrote down the Third Secret of Fatima on January 3, 1944. She gave it to the Bishop of
Leiria in 1957, and he handed it over to the Vatican. After reading it, John XXIII gave it to the Prefect
of the Holy Office, Card. Ottaviani, to read, and then he filed it. In 1963, Paul VI read the Third
Secret, and filed it away. And so did all his successors.
In the same year, 1963, Card. Ottaviani wrote a “diplomatic version” of the Third Secret which
he sent to the authorities in Washington, London and Moscow, with the intent to put an end to nuclear
testing. This text was published by the German periodical of Stuttgart, “Neues Europa,” on October
15, 1963, with Card. Ottaviani’s authorization.
The text of this “diplomatic version” was about three times longer than the Third Secret, and
therefore, it was a “fake.” However, this “diplomatic” text also had a “secret”: It contained all the
sentences of the Third Secret of Fatima, written by Lucia! But who knew these sentences?
Cardinal Ottaviani and ... Fr. Luigi Villa!
In 1956, Fr. Luigi Villa, was commissioned by Padre Pio to dedicate his life to defend the Church
of Christ from the work of Ecclesiastical Freemasonry and, via the Archbishop of Chieti, Msgr. Bosio,
he received a papal mandate from Pope Pius XII to carry out this delicate task. Pius XII entrusted
Fr. Villa to Card. Ottaviani to be trained and instructed on all the secrets of the Church pertaining to
his mandate. So it was that, for many years, Fr. Villa became Card. Ottaviani’s secret agent.
Among the secrets that Fr. Villa had to know was the Third Secret of Fatima.
Fr. Villa knew all the sentences of the Third Secret contained in Card. Ottaviani’s “diplomatic version.” It was Father Villa, who one day told me all these sentences, one by one. It was
he, shortly before his death, who gave me the permission to publish them in my “testimony”!
Brescia, June 24, 2013 In Faith, Mr. Franco Adessa


A great chastisement will fall on the entire human race; not today as
yet, not tomorrow, but in the second half of the Twentieth Century.
No longer does order reign anywhere and Satan will reign over the
highest places directing the course of events. He (Satan) really will
succeed in infiltrating to the top of the Church.
Also for the Church a time of Her greatest trials will come. Cardinals
will oppose Cardinals; Bishops will oppose Bishops and Satan will
march amid their ranks, and in Rome there will be changes. What is
rotten will fall, and what will fall will never rise again.
The Church will be darkened and the world deranged by terror.
A great war will break out within the second half of the Twentieth
Century. Fire and smoke will fall from Heaven, the water of the
oceans will become vapors and the foam will rise up flooding and sinking everything. Millions and millions of people will die by the hour
and the survivors will envy the dead.
Death will reign everywhere for the errors committed by the foolish
and by the partisans of Satan, who, then and only then, will reign
over the world. At last, those who will survive all of these events will
once more proclaim God and His Glory and serve Him like before, when
the world was not so corrupted.


Friday, 21 June 2013

Praying outside an abortion clinic - worth every horrid minute!

American pro-lifers are having some modest success with their prayer vigils outside abortion clinics. The "40 days for Life" is particularly successful and I am reading the book on how it all started - it is on ibooks or hard copy - called "40 Days for Life" by David Bereit & Shawn Carney - gripping. See

Slowly but surely abortion clinics are toppling one by one - I believe there is one state which has no abortion centres left! That is the result of prayer. God is all-powerful!

The power of prayer is more powerful than governments. We are NEVER going to get rid of abortion through the law. But prayer vigils are doing something - oh yes! This week, the main BPAS abortion centre in Bedford Square, London is going to stop doing abortions from the end of June 2013. The prayer vigils have been taking place there for a number of years by a couple of pro-life groups - "The Good Counsel Network" and the "40 Days for Life". Twitter is awash with it. Just type in BPAS Bedford Square and a number of articles come up. 

I did it once - a year ago - as I wanted to see how practical it was for me to get to London and back in time for school pick-up time. I was also struck by the life of pro-life activist Ruth Pakaluk (RIP and I saint I should think). She said that she hated picketing and leafleting outside abortion clinics, BUT as a Catholic she did not have a choice to do NOTHING. After all it only takes for men to do nothing for evil to flourish. If we do nothing to stand up for the unborn then we will have to answer to God when the time comes. The people who favour abortion were all allowed to be born!

I did not want to go to London and pray outside the BPAS - of course I didn't! It was a cold day and I was nervous - deadly nervous. For I hate  confrontation of any sort. 

When I got to the prayer spot, there was a young man who was in charge - he was alone. This was the middle of the day so not many volunteers available. Then a young girl joined us as we started saying the rosary. One man on a bike stopped by and looked at all the posters of the campaign and said an expletive, then rode off. A man in a car stopped and said a swear word. But apart from that it was trouble-free. Unlike on one occasion (I wasn't there) - when the bishop joined the prayer group which was quite large, and some protestors started screaming abuse. 

I only did it the once. It isn't practical for me to get to central London and back for school run as it is a 3.5 hour round trip, and we live in a rural location which only has one train an hour to London. I did try and find a nearer clinic to my house - which would be suitable for a prayer campaign, but can't find any, or they just don't advertise. Or they take place in hospitals - I don't know. 

This news is significant I feel. The prayer vigils are going to continue and hopefully hearts and minds will change even if the law doesn't. Fewer and fewer doctors of all religions and none are prepared to do abortions. They can see the humanity of the child from as early as a few weeks after conception. The DNA is all there at the moment of conception.

But the praying to end abortion goes hand in hand with living life purely and chastely and with self-control. If society can master temperance and self-control - then miracles will happen. Single adults need to have self-respect and treasure their virtue.

See also

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

STREET PASTORS - a phenomenal success!

On Sunday our parish took part in the annual joint ecumenical 'service' with the "Churches Together" outfit. Our priest had to re-arrange the usual 11am mass to 6pm on the Saturday evening. He said a 9am mass at the sister parish.

Anyway I don't usually take part in these events but this year I was curious to know what it was all about.

It was in a large community centre in the local market town and it was interdenominational. In this part of Sussex we have a lot of 'strict Baptists' and Methodists and there are off-shoots of the CofE such as the Union church and King's Church.

The average age was 60+ and there were about 10 teenagers and one child in a pushchair.

The main 'speaker' was a deacon from Chichester Cathedral and he was pop star confident. He calls himself Ishmael and makes CDs with happy clappy songs. Plus he had a stand with his book of meditations and daily thoughts. The CDs were for sale and a new one was about to come out! He was very slick and polished. There was also a huge poster of himself promoting his new CD.

He went on stage and called out for young participants - as he wanted them to do the actions to one of his 'songs'. These poor youngsters were dragged out and told to do certain hand  and body gestures to his songs. He told the oldies to pretend to be children and do the actions. The 2 songs were "Woolfie Woolfie' and "Build a bigger barn". The words were on a screen in large print so the oldies could see it. There was a man playing some sort of musical instrument. The teenagers looked suitably embarrassed but did what they were told. The audience did their best.

The songs had a very strong message - about not putting your wealth in bigger barns and about knowing who the wolves are in sheep's  clothing.

Apart from this 'knees up' there was an excellent speaker for "Street Pastors". This is an interdenominational organisation which goes out into the streets, in all weathers at night, to help drunks and druggies - plus wayward teenagers. It is a truly good thing working in partnership with the parish council and the local police. After 5 years our little town has no more anti-social behaviour. Street Pastors has been in the UK for 10 years.

They wear a navy uniform with large white lettering on the back "STREET PASTOR". There are now 10,000 pastors in the UK and growing. It is now international. The website is

Our parish priest decided we probably wouldn't take part in this event again. He said it wasn't worth swapping his 11am mass around. He felt rather uncomfortable with the whole thing.

Never sure what "Churches Together" are for anyway. 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Fatima and the on-going controversies

I am very attached to the Fatima story. I grew up with it - I knew the story off by heart as granny re-told it so many times. I learnt about the the miracle of the sun which spun off its axis and zig-zagged towards earth - and how 70,000 people witnessed this event on 13th October 1919. Their eyes were not damaged and having sodden wet clothes before the sun episode, their clothes were bone dry afterwards. All the press reported this event.

The secrets fascinated me - especially the vision of Hell - which Our Lady showed the little seers - to show them how many souls go to Hell because no one prays for them. They saw a hideous vision of blackened humans screaming out and demon-like figures. Jacinta - the youngest of the visionaries was only 6 or 7 when she witnessed this event.

Granny was also a member of the "Blue Army" of Fatima. She had a statue of Our Lady of Fatima in a wooden box with doors. On each of the doors is a list of what Our Lady wants us to do - things like saying the rosary daily, doing the First Five Saturdays and other devotions. The prophecies are also on the doors.

I also had my 'funny turn' on the Feast of Fatima - 13th May. So, Fatima is a big part of in my life.

But I didn't realise about the 'controversies' surrounding Fatima until I started studying more deeply around 10 years ago - especially about the 3rd secret. Our Lady wanted the Third Secret to be read out to the world in 1960. The world waited with baited breath as 1960 approached. The Pope read the secret to himself and said it wasn't "for now". The world did not get the Third Secret. There must have been something dire in that secret which was then put in a vaulted safe. What is so terrible in that secret?!

Also - was the consecration of Russia done properly? Some say yes, others say definitely not. Fr Gruner of the Fatima Apostolate in Canada is in the latter camp - he has done endless studies of it. Fr Gobbi (RIP) also said the 1984 consecration was not done in full as Pope John Paul II consecrated the world - although there is evidence to suggest he wanted to mention Russia but the iron 'powers in the Vatican' stopped him.

Well we can study the fruits of that 1984 consecration of the world - yes Communism did start falling and that is good. But have we had the period of peace which Our Lady said we would have once Russia was consecrated? A sort of false peace maybe. Trouble is - Communism might have 'died' but it started rearing its head under another name - secular humanism. The EU is a case in point - it has become very dictatorial of late. Our Lady also said Russia would become Catholic - well we are still waiting.

We know a Pope will consecrate Russia because Our lady said - "The consecration will happen, but it will be late - once the bloody events are under way". Well I think we are at that point - there are bloody events all over the world - in Nigeria - Christians are being burnt - their churches burnt down - look at Syria - look at the Middle East. The world is in a deep state of unrest - the EU and America are bust - the unemployment rate in places like Spain is leading to youth unrest. In London - a young officer gets literally macheted by a nutter. Abortion continues unabated and real horror stories such as the Gosnell Trial have come to light (there are many Gosnells out there apparently). A baby was rescued from a sewer pipe in China last week. Every other day there is yet another case of child abuse - this time a 4 year old boy - Daniel Pelka starved to death   by his evil parents and fed salt - it made me sob. Is this peace?! The Hell it isn't! The world seems to have lost its moral compass - the 10 Commandments are ignored at its peril.

Back in 2000 or thereabouts the Third Secret was read out to the world - apparently. But it was actually so bland and mild that you wonder why it was hidden for so long. No there has to be another part which is too dire - and yes - like Mother Angelica of EWTN, I too think it's scary.

Antonio Socci - the well respected Italian journalist - was asked by the Vatican to research the Fatima  story and toe 'the party line'. He agreed to work with the Vatican. But he came out with a different viewpoint - so much so, that he wrote a book called "The Fourth Secret of Fatima". He had been happy to 'toe the party line' but what he uncovered was a very different story. It's a jolly good read and I recommend it - now translated in English.

I came accross a very interesting website written by Iain Colquhon. It contains useful information on the Fatima controversies.
The other useful website is

Photo of one of granny's statues.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

O Hoydens of Wadhurst! - a Haiku poem

I go through the picturesque village of Wadhurst at least once a week and it always saddens me that the secondary school-girls look ridiculous in obscenely short skirts some of them far too tight. You see them trying to hoik them down as they walk. Even in the coldest winter these girls still wore these skirts. I did write to the head but the reply was "can't do anything dear". So I have written a Haiku poem about these girls.

O Hoydens of Wadhurst!

Wadhurst girls strutting
Down high-street, crotch-skimming skirts
So short, pants are seen!

Off to school you strut
All knowing glances at boys
What signals you give!

I wrote to the head
About these scandalous skirts
Nothing we can do!

Nothing we can do?!
But that is so pathetic
Can't heads make the rules?

Head Teacher act now!
Exert your authority
Get those skirts longer!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Muslim Modesty and Dear Lady Thatcher

Muslim Modesty and dear Lady Thatcher

Easter Holidays - April 2013

My husband and I have just been on a 3 day trip to Istanbul. You see, my mother very bravely took our 6 year old son skiing in Les Arcs, France, and so we took the opportunity of going somewhere without a small child.

My husband wanted a warm place which wasn't too far away, and somewhere we hadn't been to before. He always sorts our holidays and likes a nice hotel so we booked the Four Seasons Hotel - bang in the middle of the city - and right next door to the most famous sights - the Haya Sofya and the Blue Mosque. The famous Grand Bazaar was also nearby.

We had dinner in the hotel for our first night and it was a Turkish delight - we like to go native in these countries and not choose the rather safe International menu. It was the right decision. Turkish food uses spices very subtly and the meat isn't fatty. I can't abide fatty meat of any sort.

A helpful guide 'picked us up' as we were wandering over to the queues to the Haya Sofya, and he was able to jump the queue (it is worth getting a guide!). He showed us around the amazing former Christian basilica, and later mosque, which is now a huge museum. Over the years the restoration work has uncovered gorgeous huge mosaics of Jesus, Mary and John the Baptist. These are stunningly beautiful. Up in the massive domed ceiling the Archangels are revealing themselves. The shop sells reproductions of the mosaics. Our guide - a Muslim (although he said he wasn't that devout) explained that Jesus is revered as a prophet, and his mother Mary is revered).

Then he took us to the Blue Mosque. Now I regard myself as a fairly modest dresser, but alas, my skirt was just too short - just above the knee, and although I had thermal tights on and long boots, I was handed a wrap-around. I did bring a headscarf as women are required to cover their heads inside mosques ( a practice which also used to be the rule in Catholic Churches until the new Code of Canon Law -1983 came out, which didn't mention the subject. This is still an area of controversy in the Catholic Church and I will write a blog about head coverings in the later blog, when I have researched it a bit more).

Inside the mosque it was very huge and very blue, and the patterned carpet was predominantly blue. Our guide explained that the women and men pray separately. In another mosque we visited - by the Grand Bazaar, there was a slatted wooden screen to separate the women from the men -  some women were praying quietly on their knees when we visited.

The shops are very different in Istanbul. I didn't see any department stores like John Lewis. Just little independent shops, selling specialised items. The ladies fashion shops were interesting. No tarty little skirts and bondage-like shoes or skimpy little tops (unlike in Europe). There is something to be said for the modesty of Muslim women. Oceans of lilly white exposed flesh is not that attractive and men find it boring after a while - no mystique left.

It was around this time that Baroness Thatcher died. My husband had a crush on her when we were at Exeter. He used to kiss a cushion and pretend it was Maggie - "Oh Maggie" he used to cry out whenever she was on the TV - grabbing a cushion. She took such trouble over her appearance and dressed modestly and elegantly. She never exposed cleavage and I don't think she ever wore trousers, even though she 'wore the trousers' in cabinet and (presumably) at home. Most women (in my opinion) do not look good in trousers - which are usually far too tight and expose thick thighs and fat arses (there are exceptions of course!). I do not suit trousers and don't own a single pair. Out of respect for my spiritual father St Padre Pio - I don't wear them. He said women should not wear them. Also - Our Lady of Fatima said that fashions would be introduced in the 20th Century - which would displease Our Lord. I would say the major fashion change was women and trousers. They only really started wearing them in the 1970s. The New Testament also says men and women should not dress in clothes of the opposite sex. St Paul is explicit about this in his letters. 

Now you can't leave Istanbul without buying a rug - so our guide took us to a 'government' shop, where you can't haggle. We had the most amazing show of rugs accompanied by Turkish black coffee and honey. These 3 men - flung out a dazzling array of rugs and runners and promptly whipped them the other way in unison so we could see the light and the dark sides. They liked comparing their wives bad cooking to their mothers' better cooking. Quite what this had to do with rugs I have no idea, but it added to their 'show'.

Matthew with Blue Mosque in background

At the top of the Haya Sofya

Below - one of the runners in the carpet shop

Monday, 18 March 2013

A glimpse at the "sex-ed`' movement in the UK

I went to a talk recently, by Louise Kirk - author of a new book called "Sexuality Explained - a guide for parents and children" (published by Gracewing -

Louise Kirk is a mother to four children and she was also a parent governor of her children's Church of England primary school. It was while she was a governor that she learnt of the new sex education which was being introduced nationally.

Why was sex education introduced? Primarily as a tool to bring down teenage pregnancies. The obstretritrian and gynaecological department  were pushing for this rather than school teachers.

A bit of history - free birth control became free for all in 1974.

In 1991 a report was compiled on the alarming rise in teen pregnancies - which pressurised for sex education. In 1999 the numbers were so bad that Tony Blair lamented the UK being amongst the highest for teen mothers - saying it was shameful. Around this time STIs (sexually transmitted infections) soared.

The policy of handing out free birth control for all was deemed a failure - instead of bringing down unwanted pregnancies (not just in teenagers but older women too) - it had the opposite effect - the pregnancies soared.

Why had this policy failed?

Apparently teenagers don't like the idea of birth control devices (spoils the fun - they say). Teenage drunkenness also makes them less inhibited to indulge in risky behaviour, plus they are too inebriated
to bother with precautions. Girls often forget to 'take the pill'. The other factor is that teenage girls want babies - in some areas it is considered 'cool' to be a teenage mum. There is no longer any stigma attached to unmarried mothers - which there was in the 1960s. Teenage mothers often come from broken homes and having a baby gives them something to cling to.

So who actually produces sex-ed materials? It is companies with vested interests - such as the pharmaceutical companies (the pill, morning-after pill etc) . Durex too has a vested interest and they sponsor some materials - as do Proctor and Gamble. There is a body called the "sex-ed forum" -
comprising of 8 people - they too make materials. The ideology behind sex-ed is to take away all natural modesty and remove any religious barriers. This removal of any religious framework becomes in itself part of the secular creed - a new religion without God.

Pressurising young girls to indulge in sexual activity affects them hugely when the relationship finishes. Studies show that they get depressed which can lead to drink and drugs. Each broken relationship further damages their ability to bond.

So what is the answer?

Louise Kirk says good sex-ed is what is needed - one that preserves modesty and teaches one to have the courage and confidence to say no. This makes a person stronger in all areas of life. She recommends a good programme called - "Alive to the World" by Christine Volmer. It started in Latin America and the website address is It is suitable for home and school use.

"Sexuality explained`' complements "Alive to the world". It takes the form of a fictional story which takes away any embarrassment. There are 5 chapters for girls, 4 for boys and 2 for both. It includes menstruation and STIs. It has whole page illustrations  by Jessie Gillick. Louise Kirk also made sure it was biologically correct by getting doctors to thoroughly vet it.

Here are some sobering statistics

If you only indulge in sexual activity with the person you marry - you are 80% more likely to remain married to that person. Add another sexual partner and you have a 57% chance of staying married. The more sexual partners you have the less likely you are to stay married.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Taxing sugar? I'm all for that.

Cigarettes are taxed to the hilt - which certainly deters many people from taking up the habit. And that's a good thing. Electronic cigarettes seem to be taking off but no one really knows what the dangers are - yet. Time will tell if these e-ciggies are safe.

Sugar has been described as legal chemical cosh - because it is highly addictive. It is also costing the tax payer millions because the NHS is having to give so many prescriptions related to diabetes - caused by too much sugar and hence we have one of the most overweight countries in the world. It is a serious issue and one that involves all of us.

I think the government should tax sugar - it is madness that children have access to things like Sugar puffs and Frosties - these are appalling cereals - saturated with sugar. Poor children.

Natural sugar substitutes are good but can be pricey but you don't need much.
Honey is a good one and quite cheap aswell as providing good health benefits.
Bananas and other fruit are good plus raisins, sultanas etc.

Chemical sugar is deadly - Sweetex and the like are now known to cause cancer (in USA this has recently been discovered).

Monday, 21 January 2013

THERMAL TIGHTS - a girl's best friend in British winters!

Marks and Spencer's is great for undies but I think they have excelled themselves in the thermal underwear dept. The great thing about the new thermals is that they are thin and soft - not the horrid thick type. The thermal tights are very elegant and smooth. They come in black, brown or grey and a grey spotty pattern. Priced at £9.50. There is also a wool thermal tight - which is a bit coarser than the man made thermal tight. They should attempt a navy thermal tight. They wash beautifully on a normal 40 degree mixed wash. ( Don't attempt the cottons programme which is too vigorous).

Friday, 18 January 2013

Thermal bodies from M&S - terrific!

I have discovered the most amazing piece of underwear to date. It is a very soft and thin thermal body vest - and I totally recommend them. I find normal vests ride up in a roll and make you look as if you have a spare tyre (of flesh). These bodies are in cream, grey or black and I would get a size bigger to allow for the shrinkage which occurs if you tumble dry it. You can't get them in the shop but online they are available - although the black version sold out apart from enormous sizes. They give you a very smooth line under trousers and skirts. Get em before they sell out. £16. A jolly good investment if you want to keep colds and coughs at bay. They do say if you wrap up warm you can prevent colds. I have been cold-free for a year now.

AddThis Smart Layers