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Sunday, 26 August 2018

’pope’ Francis knew all along about the abuses in 2013 and ENABLED IT! HE MUST GO FACE TRIAL

The absolutely shocking revelations that ‘pope’ Francis knew about the child abuse scandals back in 2013  - and what did he do? He elevated the men and gave them red hats - made them cardinals! Plus he continued to cover up the abuse. This man cannot possibly be pope! He’s disgraceful and should face criminal charges in a secular court.
Archbishop Vigano has just written a very detailed and long damning report on what the ‘pope’ knew.

If Vigano is found murdered, we will know that the ‘pope’ has ordered his henchmen to do this.

I cannot regard him as pope and therefore as they say on Dragon’s Den, ‘I’m OUT” SEDEVACANTE

I will not attend masses where Francis is mentioned in the Canon.

Dear priests, bishops - wake up!! 

Sunday, 19 August 2018

The rather strange papal conclave of 1958

A very resourceful website with much information on the very strange and irregular conclave which took place nearly 60 years ago, on 26th October 1958.

Saturday, 18 August 2018


I can’t recommend this website highly enough - it has a wealth of important information on the Catholic Church starting from the ‘dodgy’ 1958 conclave.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

The Holy See is surely vacant!

After Francis spewed his nonsense about the death penalty - thus breaking with 2000 years of Catholic teaching, he has committed heresy. A pope who teaches heresy automatically loses his office  - according to Cardinal Burke. So as 2+2=4, then the pope has lost office. The See is vacant.

So I therefore think we have no pope.

I will not be praying in union with him.

I will pray for his conversion though.

I will pray that a holy pope is elected, who will erase Vatican 2 - the cause of so much confusion in the Catholic Church.

Most of the cardinals are complicit in the heresies of Francis, spineless lot! Take all their red hats away!

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Silicone Cooking Forks - for sale now!

It has taken a year to get my silicone cooking forks designed and made. They are now for sale on Ebay, in 3 colours - chilli red, slate grey and natural wood.

Why are they here you might ask?

Well I had wooden cooking forks for years - as they are the best utensil for scrambed eggs, omelettes, carbonara pasta, mince recpes and for stewing fruit. The prongs are vital. But wooden utensils get pretty grotty after a few uses, and need throwing away and replacing.

I found a silicone cooking spoon in a nice bright red colour, and threw all my wooden spoons away - it seemed you could get all kitchen utensils in silicone now, except the humble fork. I started seaching  for silicone forks everywhere - but could not find any.

Silicone utensils are great for all pans especially non-stick pans and they look stylish in kitchens.

Top nutritionist Dr Marilyn Glenville promotes silicone cookware in her health books - she says it is - “colouful, non-stick, stain resistant, hard-wearing, cools quickly and tolerates extremes of tempertures (up to 220 degrees Celsius/428 degrees Farenheit). There is no known health hazard associated with use of silicone cookware and it is therefore an excellent choice for cooking.”

The process of getting them made was complicated, as they need a steel interior to keep the prongs straight.

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