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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Very good documentary on cancer, and why chemotherapy is controversial

This is the first episode of many. A very interesting documentary on cancer and why chemotherapy can be dangerous. Unfortunately the big pharmaceutical companies are bed-partners with the health providers. This episode shows how natural methods are curing cancer with incredible success.

Friday, 12 May 2017

The beauty that is the bread machine!

The Our Father has the following - "Give us this day our daily bread..........." Clearly bread is one of the most important foods we eat.

Amidst all the ghastliness which is shattering the Catholic Church - which frankly depresses me to the pits of my stomach. And I am NOT going to write about that now - you will sigh with relief! To lift me out of this depression I have started making bread. It started with soda bread, which takes 40 minutes from start to finish. You can vary it by adding all manner of seeds, herbs, spices - apple puree - you name it - it is incredibly versatile and good for you. I buy organic flours etc, which are not that expensive.

One of the best items I have purchased recently was a Lakeland compact bread maker. It is very small and fits neatly on the worktop. It only makes a small loaf at a time, but as there are no additives, the bread doesn't keep unlike commercial bread, so a small loaf is just right if you make one every other day or so. My breadmaker can be set to come on in the early hours, so we have hot bread ready for breakfast. It is the best 60 pounds I have spent.

You can vary the recipes too - let your imagination run riot - never was bread so exciting!

You can make pizza dough and bread rolls - there is also a cake programme. There is a super fast programme - which I think is as good as the 3.5 hour one.

Here is a spelt loaf with caraway seeds - it was made on the super fast programme.

Oh dear - I can't resist the old cliche´ - the bread machine is the best thing since sliced bread! Sorry.

French loaf with poppy seeds - using french bread flour

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