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Sunday, 19 July 2015

A very important article on the abuse of "Natural Family Planning". What happened to "serious reasons"?

Is "NFP" the Trojan horse in the Catholic bedroom? I am coming to the conclusion that it is.

Pope John Paul II never approved of the term "NFP, Natural Family Planning", as it has undertones of a contraceptive mentality. It also sound like the abortion group, "Planned Parenthood". Pope John Paul II preferred the term, "Natural Fertility Awareness". This is a cumbersome term though, and you get blank stares when you use it in polite conversation. The Catholic Church has NEVER  promoted NFP. In fact the doctrine of the Catholic Church is that there has to be a truly serious reason to avoid having children. A serious reason would NOT be doing up a house or upgrading a car. 

Of course - this all requires the cooperation of both spouses.

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