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Monday, 27 February 2017

Father Michael Clifton RIP

It is with great sadness that on Thursday 23rd February - the former archivist to Southwark diocese - Fr Michael Clifton - died - peacefully at Holy Cross Priory, East Sussex.

A good friend of mine informed me that he was with 2 priests at the time.

He was 81.

I had the priviledge of providing an article for Catholic Life - when I interviewed Father - it was in the last ever issue of the publication. He told me a very interesting thing - he said if Pope Francis allows Holy Communion to people in 2nd unions without annulments, it would make the Pope a heretic!

He was a great fount of knowledge on many topics - including the priest hidey hole at Scotney Castle - Lamberhurst. He had a superb knowledge about trains and train lines. But he had a great love for the  Old Latin Mass - his sermons were doctrinally spot on - not too long or short - but sermons even my 10 year old "got".

May he Rest in Peace.

This photo was taken at Father's 80th birthday lunch.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Romans in revolt against the Pope?

This poster has appeared all over Rome overnight.

Look at veteran Mark Lambert's blog.

We live in unprecedented times - never - to my knowledge at least, has anything like this happened in the history of the Catholic Church. I mean - the Borgia popes were a disgrace, but I don't believe they had to endure posters like this. It seems - that the Romans are in open revolt against this papacy.

Interesting times.

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