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Thursday, 13 September 2012


Oh Dear! It seems we are a nation of binge drinkers! Or at least regular bingers.
A binge drinker is someone who consumes more than 6 units - for women, or 8 units for men - in one sitting. A bottle of wine contains 9 units - which means that 4 glasses of 125ml wine is tops - any more and you are a binge drinker.

I don't like being called a binge drinker (of which I am guilty sometimes) - it disturbs me. It puts one on the level of slapper or hoydenish behaviour. Not nice.

More than 6 units for women and 8 units for men in one session. That is the facts.

Does this mean that if at lunch time you have 6 units of alcohol - no more, and then at supper you have 6 units - no more - are you not a binger then? The medics or experts said per session - they need to clarify this. Also - some people are able to consume more than this and they are completely sober.

The other thing - surely it depends on ones weight? If one is thin you can't drink much and if you are too fat - 7 units won't affect you.

My favourite tipple is fizzy wine - prosecco, champers etc. They don't carry the unit amount on the bottle. So how does one calculate units if they aren't displayed on the bottle?

But this news shook me up. Enough to watch the units.

It is certainly food for thought.

Maybe they should invent a machine that one carries around, which would measure the units. Someone could make a mint if they invented this tool.

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