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Friday, 24 August 2012


Sitting in the hairdressers I picked up this week's "Woman" magazine - not one I usually read - but it had an eye catching article - about the rise in abortions amongst the over 30s. I found it extremely shocking and sad - these women - in many cases married with children are having abortions citing the recession - austerity abortions. Why oh why are these women not told about adoption - there are so many infertile couples desperate to adopt.

The women interviewed seemed upset and I was pleasantly surprised that this 'dowdy' magazine wrote from a pro-life point of view. There seems general unease at the amount of abortions - the statistics are grim. By the time women are 45 1 in 3 will have had an abortion. Add to that all the chemical abortions - caused by The Pill and the internal devices and rods in the arm etc? How many babies are being extinguished? It doesn't bear thinking about.

With all the contraception available and free thrust at women - why are abortions rising?!

The magazine also pointed out that abortions are costing the NHS a significant amount of money. Some women are having multiple abortions - they regard abortion as birth control.

The oxymoron in all this - the liberals on the 60s hailed contraception as the best thing since sliced bread - saying abortions would be reduced as a result. What happened? The more contraception there is, the higher the abortion rate.

What is all this doing to women's mental health - it must be a time bomb. waiting to explode.

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