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Wednesday, 7 November 2012


On the plane back from Spain (we had spent a brilliant week in La Manga Club with our very good friends), I read a good article about micro homes, and how they are growing in popularity. Why? They are cheap to run and are cleverly designed so that a single person has everything they need. The trouble with space - is that we fill it! No joke - the bigger the house - the more we accumulate yet more stuff we frankly don't need. In a smaller house, it is easy to clean because you are limited as to what you can physically fit inside (and the less you have the less dusting!). I dream of a micro-home - it takes me a whole school day to clean my old farmhouse! I say to myself - it saves on a gym fee.

A few months ago, my husband felt it would be kind to our 22 year-old daughter if we encouraged her to become more domestic. She was living at home and we felt it was time to acquire some skills in the home. So she agreed to 'move out' - well - only across the driveway into our converted stable annexe, which our eldest son had vacated back in 2011 (he found the commute to London ghastly). Anyway she has to keep it clean and tidy and do her own laundry, ironing etc. She has a spare room for her pals so she can entertain too.

So she moved out of her old room of 13 years. Trouble is she left so much junk I didn't know where to begin. I gave her a deadline of a month. Either this stuff goes or I bin the lot! You see - my 7 year-old niece was going to sleep in this room - she had been to Lourdes and was saying a decade of the rosary daily - a most pious child - she wants to become a nun and reads about St Bernadette all the time. I couldn't let her sleep in a room full of junk - she may come across some unsuitable items! Couldn't have that - no.

The day came - it was still full of trash so I got 4 bin bags. 1 for rubbish, 1 for recycling, 1 for parish bazaar stuff, and 1 for textiles. She seemed quite happy with this arrangement.

It's amazing how a good chuck-out clears the mind.

It's amazing what one learns about ones children too, in the clearing out process.

First - there was a load of empty fag packets behind the desk (no surprise there).

One drawer was full of unopened 'The Stage' magazines. That was a wasted subscription!

One drawer was full of dressing- up clothes - of a risque theme - in the bin they went! She had a fancy dress party for her 18th and wore a French maid's outfit. Don't think the parish bazaar would like that, no no.

Next drawer had hair extensions of varying styles and colours - in the bin.

Under the bed was fun - sweet packets shredded by a mouse.

Then I had to tackle the make-up drawers - all in the bin.

One drawer had some things in packets - oh dear I thought. In the bin anyway. But I tackled her about these items and her reply was, "Oh they are not mine - the doc gives you those whenever you have an appointment, everyone gets those apparently" - oh really - I thought. No wonder young people can't control themselves - and the government positively encourages young people to do it with every young person they meet. Yikes - what sort of society are we becoming. The trouble is - young people don't like to 'use' these items (they are passion killers) - so the docs then have to send out sex disease testing kits! I wonder how much all this costs the taxpayer.

Anyhow - it was all done and cleared.

Oh for micro homes!!!

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