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Friday, 14 March 2014

Our Lady of Good Success. Church approved apparition. IMPORTANT!

If you want to know about ecclesiastical masonry infiltrating the Catholic Church - you really should read the Church approved apparition which happenend in Quito - Equador. It is all about how masonry would invade The Church during the 20th Century.

Faithful Catholics need to open their eyes and wake up - can't stay half asleep.

If the doctrine on marriage starts changing from Rome - then red flags have to go up (watch Cardinal Kasper). Natural Law does not change and applies in all eras and cultures. If the Vatican starts going on about paradgym shifts in Natural Law - they are being decieitful. There is a ferocious power struggle in the Vatican at the moment. Before Mgr Marini died in 2009 he is quoted as saying, "Our hands are tied - we are under masonic occupation".

The Reformation produced blood martyrs - which kept the underground Church alive.
We may have to face this trial again - it could be blood, at the moment it's white. Persecution comes from the outside - and now very much from the inside. A loyal Catholic deacon (Nick Donnelly of 'Protect the Pope' blog) has been told to stop his blog by his bishop - it is faithful to Church teachings. His bishop has a link to a dissenting article on the Tablet - on his blog! 
Dissenting theologians like Hans Kung are given adulation and praise - and even slots on radio 4. He is the darling now. Prof Kung has the single largest entry in The Universe's 'Catholic Who's Who 2014' -Amazing!

There is something very very wrong at the moment. Even point 247 of Evangelii Gaudium isn't right. I am going to expand on that in a blog - I have been in touch with priests in good standing about why it is not correct. I am just amazed how few people have noticed this grave error.

Keep awake and watch out.

Are you prepared to lay down your life for your Faith? You may have to.

The link to the Quito apparition is here.


  1. Opus Dei, of which this lass is a member, is a good example of the ecclesiastical masonry in the Vatican. Masonry of all kinds tends to support right wing and conservative positions.

  2. How flattering to call me a lass!
    I am intrigued. I always associate masonry with communism.


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