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Monday, 31 March 2014

Scandal at 'catholic' hospital - St John & St Elizabeth's - hierarchy turns a blind-eye!

This trendy 'catholic' hospital will have to sever ties with the Church as it is permitting practices which go against the natural law and Church teaching.
I have written to Cardinal Nichols - a trustee of this hospital, to ask him what he is doing about this scandal. I don't expect a reply - he does not respond to my letters. But if enough 'awake' Catholics write, his conscience might be pricked. His email is in the linked article at bottom. Remembering that famous phrase  which goes something like this - "it only takes enough people to remain silent for evil to flourish".

More shocking is this - an insider told me that Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor was scathing about orthodox Catholics and said he had SAVED the hospital from falling into the hands of fundamentalists! So, in other words his Emminence is pretty cool about the hospital referring the unborn to their death sentences! Stomach that if you will!

Catholic hospital that hosts abortion-referring center proposes removing pro-life Catholic trustees |

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