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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Novos Ordo Watch website

After the ambigous document which Pope Francis produced in early April 2016, something occurred to me. Popes are not supposed to produce ambigous documents - popes are meant to clarify teachings not muddy the waters. Many church men and well known Catholic journalists are doing flip flops trying to explain this document - "Amoris Laetitia". It's civil war in the Catholic Church and it's going to get nasty. Cardinal Burke says this document is not part of the infallible teaching office, so basically he is saying in the politest way, that we can ignore this document. Other cardinals like Shonborn are saying that it is a marvellous radical departure and a "linguistic event" - whatever that means! 

Of course Vatcan 2 was a language event too. If you read the documents you will notice they are written in a new language, and indeed these can be read in both a heterodox way and an orthodox way - think of the 2 pronged fork analogy.

 But church documents should be clear NOT ambiguous. Before Vatican 2, church documents were crystal clear. I urge readers to compare documents before and after 1962.

A very good website has many good articles about the changes in the church since the close of the Second Vatican Council. It is called Novos Ordo Watch.

Before this awful document came out I would have hesitated to promote this website, but after much prayer and discernment I am going to put the address here. I have to admit I don't know what's going on in the Catholic Church - are the liberals right? I don't know, they might be. Are the conservatives right? I don't know, they might be. Are the SSPX right? I don't know, they might be. Are the sedevacantists right? I don't know, they might be. But all I do know, is that God has allowed this confusion and infighting in His Church for a considerable amount of time, for reasons I don't know why, but hopefully one day we will know the reasons. I cling to the daily rosary and my scapular medal and pray pray pray for this diabolical confusion to end.
Another good one is

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  1. I just discovered your blog through Google+. You should link your articles to Twitter, too.

    I'm not a Sedevacantist, so I can't endorse Novus Ordo Watch as an apostolate. But I agree that they have quite a few interesting articles which are usually very well researched. My advice is: read with caution, and always be sure to check the sources - particularly when it comes to magisterial documents and doctors of the Church. The devil, as the saying goes, is in the details.

  2. After the document came out I decided not to attend Novos Ordo anymore - due to all my research on how it came to be.
    If he were a real pope he wouldn't be saying all these heresies - a real pope would surely be protected by the Holy Spirit?
    I cannot say I am a sedevacantist but I cannot also say that I am not
    I remain confused
    I just want to be honest
    I cannot say Pope Francis is not the pope but my reason tells me I don't see how he can be the pope

  3. Well done for having the courage and intellectual honesty to question the novus ordo sect. A growing number of serious Catholics have come to recognise that a non-Catholic cannot be Pope. A monthly non una cum Mass is held in London for those who want the True Faith, without a trace of Modernism.


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