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Monday, 11 April 2016

Amorous document - AKA Amoris Laetitia

I'm I am not going to write much on this now rather infamous document by Pope Francis. Excellent bloggers have already written brilliant insights - Italian journalist Antonio Socci has written a very apt piece, Sandro Magister and Roberto de Mattei are others who offer good insights.

This document which is the size of a novel apparently, has been 3 years in preparation. It is the result of the 2 Synods at the Vatican. None of us should be surprised at its contents, which are being interpreted in wildly different ways.

No we should not be surprised at all. It is the natural child of Vatican 2, which was also interpreted in wildly different ways, from very liberal to conservative, depending on one's viewpoint. No council in the history of the Catholic Church has EVER had different interpretations, because every council prior to Vatican 2 was written in clear language, without ambigous sophistries.

The bottom line of this entire document can be summed up in one paragraph.

This document is really about the elevation of the cult of man and how man's conscience can be his supreme judge in all matters of his behaviour. This document does away with sin and the 10 Commandments of God. It is actually an insult to God our Creator. It is a most outrageous offence to God. It uses obfuscated language and mixes truth with lies - a wicked cocktail - with deadly consequences for souls. It enshrines the whole masonic principle, that man is his own god, and if his conscience says he can break the 6th Commandment, then he can go ahead and break the 6th Commandment. There are some good parts in the document but frankly the ambiguities and "nods and winks" in it kill it for me!

That is all.

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