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Tuesday, 16 March 2021

One year on after wicked lockdown - masks, experimental jabs, draconian laws. Free medals for readers

 It has been around a year since the March 2020 lockdown. 

Although we as a family have not suffered and are lucky to live in open countryside, all my plans for running cookery lessons from home came to a shuddering halt. Luckily the parish council rescued me and I was elected as a councillor in the summer of 2020. It gave me other things to focus on other than running cookery lessons. I find it interesting and worthwhile work, and will enjoy it once the zoom meetings are over and we can meet properly for meetings. Thank God for parish councils!

Lockdowns have enabled me to grow my hair and I am now an expert at colouring my hair. I had to grow my fringe out but I have no regrets about that. I don’t think I could sort my hair without the brilliant Dyson airwrap  - it is an absolute godsend!

The masks in schools DO cause me concern though. I have a 14 year old and he has to wear a mask all day at school. That does bother me. Has this government actually studied the very real health concerns of breathing in potentially toxic fibres from the masks - let alone stale CO2?! Where are the mask fibres ending up - the lungs of course! Is the government trying to kill children?! Masks destroy learning, and make children lose confidence. They are causing much stress - I saw this when I volunteered to help with the covid testing at my son’s school. In ancient times, masks were used by powerful people to degrade those lower down the scale - they cause you to lose your personality. They are frankly  de-humanising.

Regarding the covid jabs. I decided to decline my invitation as I had been in contact with the eminent professor Christopher Exley of Keele University. I asked his advice and I also listened to Dr Mike Yeadon - who used to work alongside Sir Patrick Vallance (the latter is an old boy of my old school Truro Cornwall). Jabs need years of monitoring to make sure they are safe - years and years! These covid jabs are only a year old - not even Bill Gates knows the long term effects of the covid jabs! No one knows the long term effects! Both Professor Exley and Dr Yeadon advise not to take this jab for the reasons I cite - no one knows the long term effects.

I had declined the jab long before European and other countries from around the globe started pausing the Oxford jabs, due to deaths and blood clotting incidents. Is our awful government saying these countries are idiots? Our government has to be the most arrogant in the world- unbelievably arrogant. Can’t wait for the May elections and I will NOT vote Conservative - never!

I looked at the leaflet of the Oxford jab and amongst other ingredients it cites “genetically modified human embryonic kidney” This is taken from an aborted baby. As a Catholic I find this another reason for not taking this jab, although Catholic scholars and moral theologians are divided on this issue. Some say it’s a sin to take jabs with aborted baby parts and others say it’s not a sin, as it’s too far back in the timeline or something like that. But really and truly this is an experimental jab and we Britons are being the guinea pigs, while many other countries have decided they need to pause it, in order to study it more carefully. Good for them! They are thinking of their citizens. Does this government even like people?

This government is  trying to make the police have even more powers- this government is trying to ban peaceful protests. This government is trying to copy the Chinese government and be the most draconian in the world. Well they are winning that one!

I want to end on a more positive note. I have miraculous medals and leaflets, plus rosary leaflets. If you send me a SAE I will post them out for free. Just contact me via email to ask me for my address.

Email is

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