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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Bishop Athanasius quietly takes apart some of the recent Vatican Synod proposals, shredding them with precision. Saint Athanasius II in the making?

The very erudite and holy bishop Athanasius Schneider is taking on the Vatican Synod proposals, and ripping into the ambiguous and disingenuous language. He has a style reminiscent of the pre-Vatican II era, where Church language used to be clear and precise, unlike the oftentimes rather woolly esoteric double-talk, so typical of the post 1960 era. He co-authored a recent book on the family, which was a guide for worried Catholics, stating in clear language what the Catholic Church can  and cannot do regarding altering doctrine under the disingenuous mantra of false mercy.

I think this bishop is another fearless prelate, like his namesake, the first St Athanasius, who valiantly fought the Arian heresy of the 4th Century, earning himself the punishment of being excommunicated 4 times. In the end St Athanasius was right and Pope Liberius and the hierarchy were wrong. Pope Liberius was the first Pope not to be made a saint as a result. Popes can and do make mistakes.

The modern day heresy is 'modernism' which is the synthesis of all heresies. Modernism says dogmas change with the times. This notion is embraced by the majority of the non-Catholic denominations. Unfortunately a large portion of senior Catholic hierarchy have also fallen for this heresy, which appeals to sentiments rather than objective reality. 

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