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Friday, 7 August 2015

Make 10 outfits out of 16 items of clothing! Using a sudoku board - ingenious idea!

This is a rather frivolous post but actually there is much sense and thrift to this unique idea developed by Colleen Hammond, a former beauty pageant, and weather girl. 

The utube is very short - 3 minutes.
In it, Colleen takes 16 items of clothing, 4 of a type, so 4 bottoms, 4 tops, 4 shoes, 4 jackets and/or accessories (necklaces)

They are mentally  put onto a 16 grid chequer board (or if you are like me, you will  have to write it down). You have to put  them in a particular order to make it work.

You use 2 - 3 colours. The example she gives is black and royal blue, or green and pink. The combinations of 2 colours are limitless. Usually 2 accent colours, or 1 neutral and 1 accent. Or 2 neutral plus 1 accent.

You go through each column and each column is an outfit. You go diagonally and you have an outfit. 4 accross and 4 down and 2 diagonals, making 10 outfits in total. This is fashion on a budget! 

Please watch! Link is under the photo

Actually rather than frivolous - it is a jolly clever and thrifty idea!

I have followed Colleen's tips and in 5 minutes put this very rough sudoku of my clothes, using black, white and yellow. So I could keep the photo at all times, so that when I go shopping I can liaise with what I already own.
The experiment has shown me some combinations I would not have put together before. So I think it is a brilliant idea!
I could swap the yellow for salmon pink next time.

Here is my rough display

Now I swapped the yellow for varieties of coral pinks

I am trying black, white, purple and orange in the following composition
Not perfect but it still shows combinations I would never consider.

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