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Thursday, 15 May 2014

There is a theological meaning to wearing a veil/mantilla in Catholic Churches

When the new code of Canon Law came out in 1983, there was no mention of head coverings for women, unlike in the earlier code - where it was a rule for all women to wear a head covering of some sort in Catholic Churches. I think it's a shame personally. The tossing out of head coverings rather coincided with the bra burning women's libbers - who took to a 'new' uniform of black leggings - or masculine black slacks, which they haven't stopped wearing since. Now that sounds very uncharitable! I have some good friends, family and colleagues plus my daughter, who subscribe to this uniform. All I am saying, is that it has become a 'uniform' and therefore not very imaginative. Women you have good legs - don't hide them!

One person who ignored the new code of Canon Law was my grandmother, and she always had a silk scarf in her bag and put it on every time she went into a church.

Anyhow I found an American website called Lilly's veils, where you can buy a mantilla in a variety of colours, patterns and shapes - some large, some very small, some medium. You can buy them with a sewn-in comb, which stops them falling off. Anyhow I ordered a small brown one, which I am happy to say fits in my bag and it actually stayed on my head on the first outing! I was very impressed by the fast efficient service.

I also watched this Utube which explains the theological reasons for head coverings - it is rightly called a sacramental. It is quite an insight.


  1. The veiling of women is an ancient tradition since the early Church. May more souls be inspired to return our traditions that are so full of meaning and beauty!

    For those with eyes to see, there is a stark contrast in the video when they show images from the Traditional Latin Mass and the ''Novus Ordo''. And the ''Novus Ordo'' nuns do not look like real nuns either.

    The video ends with the times we are living in!!

  2. Just read a report about a warning in Nigeria that suicide bombers/terrorists could be dressed as nuns. A bunch of nun habits were stolen. Lord, help us!


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