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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Saintly King Henry VI, by the late Ursula Putnam

When we were in Truro for Easter weekend - at my mother's house, I had a look through my late grandmother's writings - she wrote for various Catholic publications. I found an interesting article she wrote in 1969 about King Henry VI, of whom she was very fond. I am sure she won't mind me publishing it on my blog. It was originally in The Ransomer - illustration below.

I like to think my son Henry is named after this good king rather than the later infamous Henry!


  1. I wonder if she was a member of the now defunct Henry VI society, which campaigned for his cause of beatification ? They published quite a lot and sent out Prayer cards. Monsignor Ronald Knox and Shane Leslie compiled a book of the ancient miracles of Henry VI.

  2. I am sure she was. She had great devotion to this king and was writing a biography of him.


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