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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Hungry Britain and Ken Clarke's biscuit lament

There has been an extraordinary growth in hungry people in the UK - food banks (God Bless the Trussel Trust for starting them) are opening every week up and down the country to feed the growing hungry - due to many factors - job losses, divorce, benefit cuts etc. On radio 4 on 18th July (around then anyway) I was listening to the Today programme at 7am, where a young mother of 2 children hadn't eaten for 5 days, so that she could feed her children. In tears her story is not that unusual. Due to divorce, she had no money to feed herself or her children despite trying to get a job - any job in fact. This is Britain today - we have starving families - is this progress?

On the same news programme - Ken Clarke has been complaining about the removal of biscuits from cabinet meetings - he of all people does not need biscuits - in fact as a senior politician he should set an example by restraining his biscuit appetite! This is also Britain today - huge swathes of very overweight people, nay obese - costing the NHS millions in gastric bands - and other health problems due to overeating. I used to be amazed at the huge people in America - I mean HUGE. With a 'dunkin donut' cafe on every corner is it surprising?! But the UK is catching up.
I have a suggestion to make - when you buy a 2 for the price of 1 (biscuits for example) - donate the free packet to your local food bank. You will help feed a starving person and save yourself the extra calories by not eating the free packet.

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