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Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Read the entire Bible in 2020!


Well - I have decided that as I am getting no guidance from the so-called pope, cardinals, bishops and priests of the official Catholic Church, I have decided to attempt to read the Bible in one year - after all the Holy Bible is the Word of God. So I downloaded a guide - see link below, which is a timetable to read the entire Bible - Old and New Testament, in a historical order - in 365 days. There is a printable version which is very helpful. The website gives other ways to read the Bible in a year.

Also - I have decided to pray the entire rosary daily - all 3 mysteries.

I feel we are in apocalyptic times - strange popes and all that, and therefore I need all the spiritual help I can get, cos I am not getting anything from the Vatican down.

The Douay Rheims is the most accurate translation. Protestant bibles do not have all the books of the Bible.

The Ronald Knox Bible is a very good translation and probably easier to read than the Douay Rheims

I hope you can do the same - it takes around 20 minutes per day - to read the Bible.

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