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Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Decluttering and Tidying Service in South East England

A new decluttering and tidying service has been launched in South-East England UK.

Based on the Marie Kondo method - but not quite as rigid. It is a more common-sense approach.

One area which is in demand is bereavement decluttering. A typical scenario is when a person dies, and the spouse or children usually have to go through all the deceased person’s belongings. This is where a professional declutter can be such a help in a very stressful time of life. Another area for decluttering is when people downsize into smaller homes.

Areas decluttered are dusted and cleaned.

Clients have included a busy actor’s large hallway which involved sorting a proper area for keys, shoes and coats, a teenager’s bedroom - sorting through old artwork and clothes, a young boy’s bedroom - he became ruthless at the end of the session and was throwing many old toys away! 
Other clients have included a counsellor whose kitchen cupboards were bursting with out of date food items and broken crockery. One client in London was a young woman whose bed was groaning with mismatched shoes underneath - and a dressing table top that could not be seen due to the amount of old make-up lying around. There were 8 black sacks of clothing to take to charity shops after this session! A session is no more than 4-5 hours long - this is the usual time for a good de-clutter. The minimum time is 2 hours.

Testimonials available on request.

I won’t ramble on but here is the flyer. You can also follow Dom Mary on her Instagram account, which is dom_marys_decluttering

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Brave hermits on Westray Island withdraw obedience to Francis

These brave hermits on Westray Island have written this declaration. Westray is part of the Scottish Orkney Islands.

Catholic laity and priests - your silence is appalling - where are you all? Silence is consent to this monster in the Vatican. Your silence could kill your souls!

I am adding my name to the declaration in this article - see link below.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

“Meat Rack Boy” - this book needs to be read!

Please watch this short video of a book which is the true story of vile abuse on a young boy in care. The book was written because the author wants more victims to speak out - and all proceeds go to a charity helping victims of abuse.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Opus Dei - and the ‘new’ religion. BEWARE

Please read this very informative article on Opus Dei - a very strange sect.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

’pope’ Francis knew all along about the abuses in 2013 and ENABLED IT! HE MUST GO FACE TRIAL

The absolutely shocking revelations that ‘pope’ Francis knew about the child abuse scandals back in 2013  - and what did he do? He elevated the men and gave them red hats - made them cardinals! Plus he continued to cover up the abuse. This man cannot possibly be pope! He’s disgraceful and should face criminal charges in a secular court.
Archbishop Vigano has just written a very detailed and long damning report on what the ‘pope’ knew.

If Vigano is found murdered, we will know that the ‘pope’ has ordered his henchmen to do this.

I cannot regard him as pope and therefore as they say on Dragon’s Den, ‘I’m OUT” SEDEVACANTE

I will not attend masses where Francis is mentioned in the Canon.

Dear priests, bishops - wake up!! 

Sunday, 19 August 2018

The rather strange papal conclave of 1958

A very resourceful website with much information on the very strange and irregular conclave which took place nearly 60 years ago, on 26th October 1958.

Saturday, 18 August 2018


I can’t recommend this website highly enough - it has a wealth of important information on the Catholic Church starting from the ‘dodgy’ 1958 conclave.

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