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Friday, 20 May 2016

This non Catholic man is calling Pope Francis to act like a pope.

A very short video by a non Catholic - who actually makes really good points. It seems that Pope Francis is comparing Our Lord and Saviour to the extremist ISIS group! If that's the case then how dare he blaspheme God! That is beyond the pale. I mean if Amoris blooming what not wasn't bad enough!

Dear Lord please spare us from this Pope! I beg you.

Of course it was Cardinal Pell who said that we have had 47 antepopes in the history of the Catholic Church. Was he implying that Pope Francis might be no 48? Otherwise why would he have come out with that fact out of the blue?! I mean the cardinal just blurted it out. It was totally out of context too.

Only 3 minutes long.

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