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Thursday, 12 May 2016

John Smeaton of SPUC on fire in this video - demanding the immediate withdrawal of the Pope's document - Amoris Laetitia

John Smeaton is head of SPUC - the Society for the protection of unborn children. The charity has supporters from all faiths and none. 

Among other things it highlights the moral evil of the contraceptive mentality so prevalent in our culture. The natural law pre-dates all religions, and contraception goes against the natural law, by separating the procreative from the unitive. 

The society also exposes the  insidious sex education in schools, which crush our children's innocence. Even many Catholic schools promote a values-free sex education agenda. Catholics now contracept, abort, co-habit, divorce, use IVF, enter into same-sex marriage, as much as non-Catholics. This was never the case before 1965. Unfortunately our Catholic hierarchy including the Vatican have been impotent in stemming this tide of hedonistic behaviour amongst its flock.

Sorry to say but the latest document from Pope Francis has drawn the line in the sand. It is a horrific document and possibly - in my opinion, the most dangerous piece of writing from any pope past or present. A retired priest said on Sunday that the title says it all - Amoris Laetitia really means, "The Joy of Sex" and that we must not follow it! He described it in his sermon as "weird".

So I will stop banging on and just say do watch this incredible video of John Smeaton, who passionately asks the pope to withdraw this dangerous document as of immediate effect.

John Smeaton has also said it is now time for the laity to rise up and form a resistance movement - I have joined. I encourage you to join.

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  1. All this hand-wringing about AL is understandable but misplaced. This is what you get when you seek guidance from the Vatican II sect instead of the Catholic Church. There's no point asking Bergoglio to withdraw AL. It's not going to happen. Why? He's not even a Catholic, let alone the Pope. We've had a never-ending stream of heresy and scandal since Vatican II. Bergoglio has moved the corruption into the sphere of the natural law, but the groundwork was done by his bogus predecessors from 1958 onwards. Saint Robert Bellarmine, pray for us! (Feast day 13th May).


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