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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Baby milk powder has TOO much aluminium in it - proving breast really is best.

There is too much (indeed - unsafe, so says Professor Exley of Keele  Uni research dept) aluminium in baby milk formula. Breast milk is SO much better and safer on all levels.

Professor Exley has been researching the effects of aluminium on the human body, for the last 30 or so years. He has shown beyond reasonable doubt, the link between aluminium and Alzeimer's disease. Babies are at their most vulnerable - he says he was shocked at the amount of aluminium in the baby milk - it is totally unecessary! So best to not even think of using formula milk.

Pleae click on the link - you can see the levels of aluminium in all the different brands.

Click here


  1. Hmm..I decided to give my boy Babys Only from In generell I am very happy with it. sadly it is´nt in the table. :(


  2. That is sad to hear, but how about mums that wasn't able to breatsfeed? How will they give milk for their children?


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