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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Pope Francis goes against ALL the past popes and the Bible! How much longer Oh Lord, how much longer!

Last October 2015 I had the great opportunity of interviewiing 80 year old Father Michael Clifton, former archivist and historian of Southwark Diocese. My article was published in Catholic Life Magazine. At the time, the Pope and the cardinals were conducting part 2 of the "Sinnod on the Family".

Father Michael said that if the Pope allowed Holy Communion for the divorced and remarried - it would make him a heretic. Look at the photo of my article - where I have highlighted his exact words. And why is this such a "big deal"? Well because allowing communion to people in adulterous unions tells them they are no longer in a state of objective mortal sin. The implications are huge - and the 6th Commandment is effectively tossed into the bin.

Well that day has come - the pope has over-turned 2000 years of Church teaching - as confirmed by the Vatican official newspaper the "L'Osservatore Romano", on 13th or 14th September 2016. (The Vatican newspaper confirmed a letter written by the Pope to the Argentianian bishops telling them to go ahead and give communion to those in second unions).

So there we are folks! 

Well for my part I have decided I will only obey previous popes and the Bible from now on.

Non Serviam Francis! Non Serviam

This is a very dark time for the Catholic Church.


  1. You would be very welcome to join us at a True Mass where the heretic Bergoglio is NOT named in the Canon. There's a non una cum Mass in London next Sunday 25th September celebrated by Father Steenbergen of the IMBC.

  2. I am told that some priests are waiting for the right moment to go independenc
    They call themselves "remnant clergy"


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