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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Our Lady of Fatima - feast day - 13th May - open letter to Pope Francis

I discovered this online book about Fr Gruner and his Fatima apostolate.

I do recommend it! I met Fr Gruner a few years ago when he came to give a day of recollection at a friend's house in Sussex.

Also we need to pray that the consecration of Russia is done properly, as per Our Lady's requests.
I learnt today that a friend went to see Fr John Hartley, who used to head the Marian Movement of Priests in England. He is in a home now, but very lucid, and he told my friend that on 13th May 2014 - yesterday - there was an open letter to Pope Francis in the main Italian paper, from the Fatima crusader, asking him to consecrate Russia.( The 1984 consecration was not proper as there was no mention of Russia. It is nearly 100 years since the first apparition at Fatima, and getting very late. The world is heading out of control with laws that go against nature and against the 10 Commandments).

Here is the link to the open letter

This is a photo of the statue which used to belong to my grandmother, who was a blazing Fatima apologist! 

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