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Friday, 4 October 2013

The Archbishop Schneider Interview - on the errors of Vatican 2


On UTube you can watch a superb interview which was conducted by Michael Voris in Rome, June 2013. It is well worth watching and all you need do is go to the UTube website and put Archbishop Schneider in the search box.

I took notes while I watched it and here are the salient points.
Archbishop Athanasius Schneider is the Archbishop of Kazakhstan. His name is interesting and rather significant (in my opinion). It was St Athanasius who fought the Arian Heresy of the 3rd Century, and while the majority of Catholics fell for the Arian heresy, Athanasius was banished for his views and he was literally "contra mundum". But St Athanasius was proved right in the end. Basically the Arian heresy was started by a man called Arius, who said that Jesus Christ was a lesser being than God - in other words, he denied the divinity of the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.

Archbishop Schneider is the author of a little book called "Dominus Est" - a really good book, and available on Amazon. Written in 2010, he is arguing for the case of stopping the modern practice of receiving Holy Communion in the hand. He strongly puts forward the case of receiving on the tongue. It is interesting to witness that Pope Francis will only give Holy Communion on the tongue - there is a UTube video showing him pointing to the mouth of a communicant extending his hands. The communicant understands immediately and receives in the correct manner.

Archbishop Schneider is in his early 50s, and in the interview, he exudes a rare holiness - an aura which really holy people seem to have. His eyes were alert and lit up and clearly he has a great love of the Catholic Faith. He has concerns though and I am listing them here.

Now his concerns are about the Vatican 2 documents. He says there are some confusing aspects and a lack of precision in the documents. Interestingly enough Cardinal Kasper gave an explosive interview in April 2013, where he admits that some of the formulas (of Vatican 2) were deliberately worded so that they could be widely interpreted. He even calls them "compromise formulas". The Kasper interview was published in the Vatican newspaper - The "Osservatoro Romano". Archbishop Schneider describes these Vatican 2 formulas as ambiguous statements and he is urging Pope Francis to clarify them as a matter of acute importance, because erroneous interpretations have been, and are still taking place. It has had a catastrophic effect on Holy Mother Church - with the shameful lapsation rate in the western world.

He says the Council did not add new doctrines, but the lack of clarity is a real problem and must be corrected. Pope Emeritus Benedict was known to say that the Council needs interpreting in the light of Tradition. He said this in 2005.

He mentions "Lumen Gentium" and the part on Collegiality. He says it isn't clear enough. Pope Paul 6th ordered a note which was added to the end of the document and it needs to be read. 

Point 16 - "Lumen Gentium" is an ambiguous expression regarding the One God, and how Catholics and Muslims worship the same God. This he says is erroneous because the Trinity is at the core of Christian belief, and muslims don't recognise the Trinity. They regard Jesus as a good prophet and certainly not God the Son, Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.

Point 12 -  "Gaudiem et Spes" says all things on earth are directed to man as their aim and summit. The Archbishop says this is incorrect theology because all things are aimed at God and for the glory of God. This subtle mistake he claims, is part of the crisis in the Church for the last 50 years - as it is anthropocentric (meaning man-centred). The sin of Adam and Eve was anthropocentric. This 'man-centred' theology has led to erroneous catechisms and sacramental courses, which have decimated the faith of many Catholics.

"Dignitiatis Humanae" (on religious liberty) is not one of the 4 main Constitutions of the Council, but lower down the scale. He says this document has been interpreted wrongly, leading to the erroneous thinking that all religions are equal. There is only 1 Truth,1 Church and we say this in the Creed every Sunday. The Holy See recognises other religions and got to the position of 'tolerating' other religions - because practically speaking Christians have to live side by side with all sorts of religions. Pius 12th even spoke of the "Theory of tolerance of other believers". 

The encyclical - "Dominus Jesus" - did clarify this and confirms the Catholic Church as the One True Church. I remember when this encyclical came out and the howls that came out of "The Tablet" - possibly the most protesting of Catholic publications - so protesting in fact - that it could be described as Protestant. Interestingly enough the readership of The Tablet is mostly Anglican. And they relish it with great delight. Good on ya Ms Pepinster!

The Archbishop says that if a nation is mostly Catholic, it is better to have a Catholic state. This, he says is NOT discriminatory either. Indeed, he says Catholics should desire a Catholic state.

I really recommend dear reader, that you look at the full interview. Archbishop Schneider speaks beautiful English too. 

I really hope that the Archbishops's concerns will be taken seriously by the hierarchy, and that his little tome "Dominus Est" will be widely read. He has written a sequel but there is no (as yet) English translation.

Pondering all this - in the light of the bomshell admission by Cardinal Kasper (2013 in the Observatoro Romano - the official Vatican newspaper) about the deliberate "compromise formulas" in the concilliar documents- I do have to sympathise with Archbishop Lefevre. I just wonder if he will be proved right in the end, now all these 'snippets' of information are coming out.  Also - Pope Francis says there is a masonic lobby in the Vatican - Archbishop Lefevre mentioned clerical masons by name. He was correct on that score anyway. You know - it does make one wonder if the SSPX are the equivalent of St Athanasius. One day the Truth will out. As I finish this, it seems that the SSPX are currently being offered an olive branch to come on board with NO need to sign anything. Now that is interesting. Watch this space!

And this is what Cardinal Ratzinger had to say in 1988 to the Bishops of Chile

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