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Saturday, 17 July 2021

My new eBay shop! Vintage and all-sorts of items.

 Just before the lockdown last March 2021 I gained a teaching qualification. My exam was a cookery workshop using unrefined sugars. I was also teaching Spanish. The lockdown effectively killed my job prospects, but I have joined a teaching agency as a supply teaching assistant. The dbs and other checks took a long time to come through, which they did. I can now choose days to work if and when the agency contact me.

While that was happening I rediscovered my love of antiques - I used to work for 2 auction houses over 20 years ago, having obtained a diploma and City and Guilds in antiques. I started consulting antiques books and websites and started buying a small collection of items. I made a spare room my full time office and this is also my store room for all my items.

So I now have my own eBay shop under “dommary”. In order to find me you search for a seller and just put dommary in the search.

You will find my silicone cooking forks, vintage St Michael clothes with tags, vintage puzzles still in unsealed packs, curiosities and basically all sorts of collectibles including Beanie Babies! Yes - these are highly collectible now. The thing I love about antiques is the social history behind the items. My favourite subject at school was history and my passion for this subject has always been there.

Also, wherever you live in the world, my eBay shop is part of the global shipping system, so you can buy with confidence!

The schools are finishing soon, so I won’t be teaching until September, so my eBay shop fills me with utter joy. All my buyers receive a Miraculous Medal and leaflet, to show my appreciation of their custom. 

Happy shopping and bidding!

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