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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Dr Kelly Bowring -

Dr Kelly Bowring's first book - "The Secrets, Chastisements, and Triumph - of the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary" has the imprimatur by the Archbishop of Cebu.This is very unusual for a book on Catholic prophecy.

I recommend his website -

It gets updated regularly. I do NOT necessarily agree with everything on his website. 

Although Dr Bowring is a Medjugorge fan, he also has church approved prophecies on this website. So one is free to ignore the non-approved ones. However, the church approved ones are quite interesting as many refer to the 'end times'. The venerable Anna Catherine Emmerich talks about the time of 2 popes! 

The main thing is to WATCH, PRAY AND DISCERN - the signs of the times.

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  1. With respect to what Bl. Emmerich said I would point out that if you look at the actual quote Emmerich is not speaking of two popes at the same time. Beginning on p.277 she discusses a vision of two popes but as you read the actual passage you will see one is from the distant past, namely Pope Boniface, while the other is not identified. So it has absolutely nothing to do with Pope Francis and emeritus Pope Benedict. Another point to keep in mind is that she could not read or write. Her works were recorded by Clemens Brentano who admitted he had at times embellished her accounts, hence the Vatican disregarded her works when considering her cause.
    Here's a link to her actual works so you can see. The passage starts on p. 277 and following:


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