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Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Decluttering and Tidying Service in Kent and East Sussex

A new decluttering and tidying service has been launched in Kent & East Sussex called Dom Mary’s Decluttering and Tidying Services.

Based on the Marie Kondo method - but not quite as rigid. It is a more common-sense approach.

One area which is in demand is bereavement decluttering. A typical scenario is when a person dies, and the spouse or children usually have to go through all the deceased person’s belongings. This is where a professional declutter can be such a help in a very stressful time of life. Another area for decluttering is when people downsize into smaller homes. Decluttering can also clinch that house sale! Decluttering involves a fair amount of home styling too.

Areas decluttered are dusted and wiped down - this is part of the service. Items which are kept are tidied into an ordered space.

Clients have included a busy actor’s large hallway which involved sorting a proper area for keys, shoes and coats, a teenager’s bedroom - sorting through old artwork and clothes, a young boy’s bedroom - he became ruthless at the end of the session and was throwing many old toys away! 
Other clients have included a counsellor whose kitchen cupboards were bursting with out of date food items and broken crockery. One client in London was a young woman whose bed was groaning with mismatched shoes underneath - and a dressing table top that could not be seen due to the amount of old make-up lying around. There were 8 black sacks of clothing to take to charity shops after this session! A session is no more than 4-5 hours long - this is the usual time for a good de-clutter.

There is a free initial consultation, with no obligation . If services are required, the cost is 17.50 per hour, for a minimum 2 hours. 

Testimonials available on request.

You can also follow Dom Mary on her Instagram account, which is dom_marys_decluttering

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